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8/31 c15 Sandy2348
This was cute
5/30/2020 c1 LadyViolet2112
Amazing story. Thanks for sharing
3/26/2020 c6 Quickened
See I know these things!
3/26/2020 c6 Quickened
Oh no he has the signs of a abusive husband.
7/20/2017 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Loving this keep this sweet work up
9/14/2016 c15 andrewpine
Damn! I wanted Eddie to stop getting one of his free passes and die for once.
9/14/2016 c10 andrewpine
Eddie is such a stupid she was going to be in trouble in VOLUTERRA it will be from Eddie doing something stupid.
9/14/2016 c9 andrewpine
You really did need a Beta to look over this story and fix your spelling and put in the words you left out of sentences...what in hell does she need to see before she will admit that he was not the person she thought he was. she is pitiful.
9/14/2016 c8 andrewpine
Waste of skin...So Aro has the hots for Bella huh? if all of the squirrel munchers will be in Volterra along with Bella since she will be turned in the near future that means Eddie will probably do something stupid.I can't believe Bella is one of those whiny women that no matter what her husband does to her she still loves him.i cannot believe she is that desperate to be loved that she will put up with that crap.
9/14/2016 c7 andrewpine
It's Volterra... let me guess Rose thinks that since Bella came that gets her off the hook.
Amazing how she was defending her husband even after he slapped the shit out of her. she is and idiot when it comes to men.
9/14/2016 c4 andrewpine
They deserve what happens to them for their you really needed a Beta to check your spelling.
9/14/2016 c1 andrewpine
Good to see she is pulling her head out of her ass and not letting that little bitch ruin her future.
4/9/2016 c15 1WhoLoves2ReadAlot
Great story
4/3/2016 c15 horsesrules
It's really good write more
6/6/2015 c15 DragonFire Princess
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