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for Remembering Budapest

5/10/2012 c4 1Ezzy307
5/10/2012 c4 22Tenebrielle
This story is definitely my favorite take on Hawkeye and Black Widow! so far. You flesh out the relationship between these two that we saw in the movie in a *plausible* fashion, which I love. Really looking forward to seeing where you take this in the next chapter and beyond.
5/10/2012 c4 18Slone'sTravelDreamer
This story is really good. Keep up the good work!
5/10/2012 c4 1Time and Fate
Ooo I sort of really like the ending there
5/10/2012 c4 59tic tac toe 03
Loved the last sentence and the rest was really good! I really like how we are getting the built up to the Avengers!

5/10/2012 c4 12Forever Frosted
Ohhh I likeh :3 I love how you've written this, especially since its a BlackHawk or whatever the hell it's called xD Thanks for sharing this and I'm keen for updates :)
5/10/2012 c4 Lilo
This just gets better and better
5/10/2012 c4 3rivermer
Once again my mind is blown by your amazing writing. I cannot even begin to express how much I like this story. Please update soon. Please!
5/10/2012 c4 5BlackFireRaevyn
Absolutely love! Write more soon!
5/10/2012 c4 isis
Soo good! Thhank God you're a quick updater or I'd be losing my patience with this story - you always leave me wanting more! Please say they're gonna have some more interaction together, maybe the adult rated kind...? Love this story and can't wait to see where it goes.
5/10/2012 c4 52V.Evergreen
Definatly the best chapter yet and I love all of the other characters like agent hill and tony that you wove into the story :)
5/10/2012 c4 9JossieGirl
LOVING this story! please update soon! :)
5/10/2012 c4 1Kaylee21
You are doing such a wonderful job with these two! This story is fantastic and I can't wait to read more!
5/10/2012 c4 22LizzieMorewolfe
It's soooo close. (the tying it in to the present i mean). :)) My BFFs and I are reading the fic together (and separately, if that makes sense) and, well, UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. Because seriously, this is pretty awesome and frustrating at the same time.

PS, "frustrating" is a good thing because it means the "pathos" is right there. :D Kudos
5/10/2012 c4 luvagoo
Really liking this :D

There is precious little good about these two on here.

And yeah, I should let you know that you sure as hell are NOT the only one with these two on the mind after the movie ;D
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