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for Remembering Budapest

5/12/2012 c5 17vannadear
Yes! I'm so happy, you're amazing and I LOVE everything about this story!
5/11/2012 c5 6AreYouSirius-questionmark
love it :)
5/11/2012 c5 iwont

But seriously, you've got the best Clint/Natasha fic that I've found so far and I'm relying on you to fulfill my Clintasha (Natclint? Whatever.) needs okay? I'M HAVING WITHDRAWS THANK YOU GOOD JOB OKAY?
5/11/2012 c5 25zenniel
*Insert faux Thor voice* This story, I like it! Another!
5/11/2012 c5 2ho'okahialohaX018

please update soon. pretty please. this is wonderful. absolutely precious. keep going, you're really good! :D
5/11/2012 c5 14jacedesbff
Oh, HELL YEAH! And thank you so much for answering my question. :-) That was very thoughtful. :-) Hey, I'm in for the long haul no matter what. Great job!
5/11/2012 c5 1Kaylee21
I am just really loving this story! You are doing such a wonderful job with the characters and I can't to read more!
5/11/2012 c5 59tic tac toe 03
So good! You have written their feelings and thoughts so well!

5/11/2012 c5 noodle carrot
this story is giving me feels.

feels i tell you.

please continue! :D
5/11/2012 c5 Sandy Sue
In the movie, it seemed like Widow's connection to Hawk stemmed from his decision to recruit her instead of killing her. That was the pivotal moment for her.

I thought you were making Hawk's pivotal moment Budapest, but this turn is a little jarring. Don't get me wrong. I *love* that you brought in his mission to assassinate her, but Hawkeye falling in love with her at that point seems easy. And I don't think you do easy.

Widow's ambivalence is perfect.
5/11/2012 c5 3ju-crom
I knew there was a reason why you are my favourite author on here nad this story is just helping prove it! I love it to much it hurts! Wow.
5/11/2012 c5 115Hieiko
My goodness, I'm so lovin' this!
5/11/2012 c5 11Michelle Rose Landau
I. Love. This. Story. It's brilliant!

Is it just me, or is it kind of sexy that Barton thinks of Natasha as the woman he wants to have his babies? I love how you have him thinking about the future, about having children, and someone to love for the rest of his life. You play with the chemistry they have with each other very well, and they are so in character.

I was happy to see that Natasha didn't just let him get away with baring his heart and soul and just walking away from her. Of all the risks she does take, this is her biggest, and I have a feeling that she won't be let down.

You write Barton so well, and the love you have him feel for Natasha is so real and intimate.

Lovely story, can't wait to read more.
5/10/2012 c5 3WandaCarla
Yay another update (: one question, did she throw something at Clint to get him to pitch forward or did she hit him? Either way awesome chapter! I'll be sad when this story ends.
5/10/2012 c5 1Time and Fate
Gaah the two of them are just so cute!
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