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8/5/2015 c1 4HarryInMultiUniverses
I liked this. Thanks for sharing.
7/27/2014 c1 Idgaftown
1/29/2014 c1 2shadewatcher
Dawwww! Poor Harry, he really does have a hero complex.
12/16/2013 c1 CurlyFries01
Wizengamot** :)
8/5/2013 c1 Stevierayfrmhon
That was so cute!
9/29/2012 c1 1Lw117149
sad but sweet poor harry be happy now *S*
9/5/2012 c1 1shadowama
more please
7/30/2012 c1 Fire-Metal-Horse17
I love it! Soft, fluffy and sweet! Well done!
7/1/2012 c1 Guest
I like it but wish it was longer! (_)
6/21/2012 c1 atymer
Broken Harry is a popular senario in fandom. If the story is written well it works. I felt like this was a tease, again, for a possible longer story.

I liked the nick name and Sev being accepted and alive in wizarding society. I just feel like there should be more to this Au. Particularly how Sev managed not to be in Azkaban.
6/5/2012 c1 waya715
mmm nice story... Harry and Severus are so good together
5/13/2012 c1 Elfin69
This was wonderful. I am glad that they found Harry and that he will be safe now.
5/12/2012 c1 8Darklight-phoenix
That's a really cute story
5/8/2012 c1 17ultimaterockgoddess
I really liked this. well done
5/8/2012 c1 TeaAndCrumpetsIfYouPlease
Aww I liked it~


I wish it were longer, but it works as a oneshot like this! c:
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