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for Dauntless: Side Stories

5/4/2017 c6 10Anilime Ahsim
Can you do a side story about Jerimeih's point of view about lelouch hiding nunally I can't wait until lelouch trusts his royal guard and Edith enough for them to know there reactions priceless!
2/13/2015 c6 afi123
C.C is awesome...kicked their ass
9/2/2014 c7 splitice
I am so ready for the continuation. I hope you are feeling energised by Ch97 :)
8/30/2013 c7 Guest
I hope you haven't forgotten about this! I like your sidestories, and I'm very interested in "Price of Fame" as well as the second half of this one.
7/28/2013 c7 beto
You made my day please update soon thanks
7/27/2013 c7 FranticHamster
interesting looks good I like chapter 7 the most.
5/29/2013 c7 KnightOfHolyLight
Good job again. Gotta admit lovely take on Kallen's training mates. This event brings to my mind some not so happy times from my own military. That major really brought to my mind my old lieutenant who loved to torment us.

Very nicely detailed and person and their thoughts. And just how different things are from what we originally thought. Katsumi herself was nicely done as was Janelle very realistic way to handle things.

Overall good job again and I hope that you update soon.
5/29/2013 c7 5Elelith
Love the different POVs... Are Janelle and Kasumi going to be recurring characters in Dauntless? Thanks for the update?
5/29/2013 c7 8Ocadioan
Oh, the joys of military life.
As usual, it was very well written and seemed like it could have actually happened IRL, although I did constantly expect them to be handed some rifles and told that eleven terrorists were ambushing them(ofc only to later discover that they were firing blanks in an exercise)
5/21/2013 c1 5DeadlyViperQuill
great chapter really funny well written as well, you what might make for a good chapter the incident from chapter 50 where C.C. took half of Lelouch's books from the library and use them to make a small medieval castle that would be hilarious to read.
4/22/2013 c6 Kay
Jay like. It was great. Can't wait for some more
2/25/2013 c5 4Kurama's Foxy Rose
What did the letter to Aoi's mother say? I want some closure on that; last words and what-not.
2/16/2013 c1 Engelmohr2004
Pfft lolol
OMG Lelouch actually experiencing the perfectly natruial urges a of a normal hormonal teenage male. God forbid xd keep up the good work
1/21/2013 c6 18Allora Gale
Hooray! I just reread all of these because I was in a Dauntless mood. Some of the scenes made me force myself to remember if I wrote them or not. then I remembered that I didn't write any of the scenes except for Abigail, so boohyah you succeeded in emulating my style. :D . . . btw, you should hurry with the next one you promised me . *hint hint* *nudge nudge* *wink wink*
1/20/2013 c1 5Tikigod784
Code Geass isn't complete without romantic comedy shenanigans in the midst of war. Excellent work!
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