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5/23/2012 c21 2mudkipluvr4ever
So sad, that one! Axel was finally making progress but it was to late.
5/21/2012 c20 mudkipluvr4ever
Great job, I really liked it and so sweet! Roxas came out of his shell through Axel, even though Axel had gone through a tragedy!
5/20/2012 c19 mudkipluvr4ever
Cute, and I like how it showed others besides just Roxas and Axel! Great job!
5/19/2012 c18 mudkipluvr4ever
Great job, I really liked it! I feel so bad for Roxas, and I am still confused if Axel is real or not.
5/18/2012 c17 mudkipluvr4ever
Great job, I really liked it, but I kept getting confused about what was real and what wasn't! Is Axel in a relationship with his therapist or was that part real? Anyways, please update soon!
5/17/2012 c16 mudkipluvr4ever
Great job, I really liked it! Axel and Roxas have a weird relationship, but it works for them. Please update soon!
5/16/2012 c14 mudkipluvr4ever
Great job, I really liked it! Axel practically bribes Roxas for sex.
5/15/2012 c13 mudkipluvr4ever
A little confused at first but really funny and I liked it! Axel just has to be dirty!
5/14/2012 c12 mudkipluvr4ever
Roxas and Axel are so freaking dirty! Great job, I really liked it, and Axel cracks me up.
5/13/2012 c11 mudkipluvr4ever
Really cute and sad, and I feel really bad for Axel! Great job!
5/13/2012 c11 6pheen
I remember reading this on LJ and loving it all, and I love it all on the re-read, which is pretty cool since I've never actually played (or watched?) a game of KH in my entire life. You're an incredible writer, and I just really enjoy this 3
5/12/2012 c10 2mudkipluvr4ever
Great job, I really liked this one and the last one, but this was really depressing! Was he going really far away and Axel couldn't get a job and live there to? They were adorable!
5/11/2012 c8 mudkipluvr4ever
Great job, I really liked it! All the stories are pretty original, and my favorite was number 7! Roxas and Axel are so sweet! Please update soon!
5/10/2012 c7 2Superkawaiifreak
One thing I've seen that's a recurring theme in these drabbles is that you focus a lot on sex. To the point where I'm wondering where your prowess is. Granted, these are old, but I don't think they're so old as to be an inaccurate portrayal of your writing. Whatever the case may be, I want to give you a suggestion. Consider this relationship of Axel and Roxas beyond matters of semen, genitalia, nakedness, and sweat. I have, indeed, read your other works, so I am well aware that your more developed stories veer from these subjects. However, I have to admit that the constant focus on the physicality of the relationship is most nearly demeaning of their relationship-to sum up a bond by categorical sexual encounters does not do the relationship justice. It is so much deeper than that. I take it for granted that you're used to criticism, so I don't feel the need to pad my comments. It may be a stylistic decision (though I'm in doubt of that) to focus on the size of Axel's dick in every drabble, or talk about Roxas's wanton moaning, but I would definitely consider writing about the pair with more alertness for the spirituality of things.
5/10/2012 c7 1pinastri
I remember reading these a long time ago on the livejournal when I was young and brash (i.e. stupid), nevertheless I'm glad to see them here. It's kind of like a hint of nostalgia that came full force with no warning.

I hope that you continue writing,

and I hope you are well too.
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