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10/29 c74 1Dr Gero
I stumbled across your story while looking up Gamer crossovers and I ended up readinglistening (via the app) the whole thing. As a big D&D nerd I was happy to see the inclusion of Wizard magic into Harry Potter but i was initially unsure about your OC Milo. Once the main group got together my fears were put to rest and I really enjoyed the way you integrated Milo's story and the original, as well as Fiona's story later on. There were several times I laughed out loud or was surprised at the cleverness of a twist and went back to reread sections. Finally the way you kept the characterizations of known characters intact while expanding upon their motives and actions felt very natural and I particularly liked Lucious and Quirrell. Draco, Crabe and Goyle could be a little two dimensional but they were fun. My wish list for any future work would be seeing how Milo and Hannah's relationship grows, the main party making up, any plots between Riddle, Malfoy and modern Voldy, reuniting with Quirrell, and finding out what the heck happened to Lockhart. That said, I've greatly enjoyed what you've put out thus far and wish you good luck and good health in whatever you do.
10/29 c74 Hkt29
Finally reached the last chapter.

I hope to see this fic finished one day, the idea is crazy and funny, specially the characters from D&D working throught the game rules.

It would be interesting if the D&D rules got updated to 5.0 or Pathfinder, Milo being able to cast cantrips at will and having extra powers as a Conjuration specialist will be a welcome change.

He also could try to teach his magic to Fiona, as a cop she should have a huge reserve of unused XP that would allow her to gain several wizard levels. It's time to show the real power of Milo's type of magic, that it allows muggles to become wizards.
10/26 c23 SHSLseer
I only just found this story, and its been an intresting read, but..my god, watching Milo fail his perception checks on Quirrell i G
10/25 c74 8Anomandris
This is the best Potter fanfic I've ever read. Period
10/21 c59 Hkt29
It's really funny to see Milo with his old party of fellow munchkins.
10/21 c53 Hkt29
Didn't expect that ending, specially with Lockhart getting away with his schemes, getting more prestige and ending with a job where he is competent.

I wonder if Milo is pretending to be Riddle or if the villain won and now Milo's mind is trapped inside him.
10/21 c52 Hkt29
I guess that Tom Riddle looks so perfect because he is just an idealized memory of Voldemort, not the real deal.

Milo came with a very interesting way to bend the rules to defeat him.
10/20 c51 Hkt29
Wonder if Snape found out that Lockhart is a fraud or just ended believing that he was the one behind the attacks.
10/20 c50 Hkt29
The plot with muggle officers is getting better.
10/20 c43 Hkt29
Wonder if Milo will realize that Draco switched the wands.
10/20 c42 Hkt29
Very good way to get someone else's item for scrying, a DM would ignore that stating that the item should have been of that person.

Draco doesn't know what is coming to him. Wonder what will happen is he tries to go after Milo's rat, familiar share the owner's attack bonus.
10/20 c41 Hkt29
With Milo having access to the 4th level Transmutation spells he should be able to do things impossible for McGonagall.
10/19 c40 Hkt29
If that cantrip is broken with 3.0 it is even worse with Pathfinder rules, with wizards having unlimited cantrips.
10/19 c31 Hkt29
Very good, specially the use of the Amulet.
10/19 c30 Hkt29
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