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for Harry Potter and the Natural 20

9/30 c2 SteadfastWhiplash
Nice to see the characters acting like morons just so the plot progresses the way you want. Doesn't detract from the story in the slightest.
9/24 c74 Guest
I'm not normally one for HP fics but this story is about as good as they get. A sympathetic, engaging and witty hero, a plot that doesn't just mirror that of the books but is truly original and a worldview that I've never seen before (but is so obvious that I should have) add up to a heck of a good read. It helps that the author knows what they're doing and can turn a decent phrase. If there's any justice then this unfinished masterpiece won't remain unfinished for long. Fingers crossed.
9/22 c73 msimon1

Fantastic story, that unfortunately has been the victim of the longest writer's block in History. Too bad it's happening to the best fanfiction on this site, possibly even beating the original HP stories in being captivating.

A minor nitpick (for when you'll resume your writing and conclude that wonderful story): should Hannah describe herself as a wizard to Fiona, and not a witch? (so I didn't create an account just to fanboy the story but actually contribute...)
9/17 c74 anon
I realize that it's been a VERY long time since this fic was updated, and i doubt that you're still getting the notifications for this, but your writing is wonderful! I keep coming back to reread this fic, my sister and I joke about it to each other, and no matter how long it takes, if it ever updates, we'll both be here to read it 3
9/14 c54 Guest
This is such a work of art, I don't even know what to say. The clear hero with well fleshed out allies, nobody being left to the wayside in their own story... Bravo! I have no words!
9/12 c14 hiddendragonflys
I’ve read hundreds of FanFiction and this is by far one of the best and I’m not that far in yet this right here is amazing
9/4 c29 Owen Wister
RE: Chess Trick

I think without being genre-savvy, and specifically HP ffn genre-savvy (where everything the DADA prof does is suspect), the chess thing is pretty damn clever. However that, combined with how ridiculously ingrained the Stone’s gauntlet is for most readers, makes the Chess Trick pretty transparent. Still a cool idea though, and one I enjoyed seeing- especially as it allows Ron a little more opportunity to stand out.
8/31 c74 avatarwhygodwhuh
No more chapters wonder what you're doing now eh? say la vi was fun while it lasted even if I waited a few years
8/29 c1 eggnode
it’s been a hot minute since ive read this fic, but i keep thinking about it. man. love it so much.
8/31 c74 chenkenmeier
Always love rereading this story, hope it gets continued in the future
8/28 c74 Guest
RIP this abandoned fic. And the tension was only ramping up. Too bad.
8/27 c42 Guest
I keep reading Inspector Hannigan and my brain keeps translating to Detective Halligan. A cameo like that would be hilarious.
8/27 c29 Guest
I read another fic where the same chess strategy was used. The whole remote "you thought you were playing me when SUPRISE you were playing the chess trap". Still cool though I won't knock it.
8/27 c16 Guest
This is the best fic I've read in months. My face hurts from smiling so much. A round of applause for taking the same old same old 1st year plot and throwing it out the window.
8/25 c74 hello again 17

this chapter is amazing! I love this fic so much 3
I'm really glad I read this again this past week. It's brought a lot of joy to me! now hopefully, I'll be able to get a decent sleep without your beautiful writing keeping me awake. thank you for writing this and sharing it!
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