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for Harry Potter and the Natural 20

11/13 c74 A
This is an excellent fanfic, with the view of a copper versus the world done very well. Bloody fine job!
11/10 c73 lGrl0hwI9pfg8YLidY42
The disadvantage, of course, of Lucius' strategy of continuously using all his income rather than storing any of it in a vault, is that you don't have much of a safety net when someone, say, alerts the government to your tax evasion.

I mean, I'm sure he can scale back some activities and liquidate some assets, but there is some purpose to having a vault of gold.
11/10 c67 lGrl0hwI9pfg8YLidY42
I really love how the scene where Fiona calls Inland Revenue is after the scene Malfoy gets the letter. Perhaps it was just for the satisfying reveal, but it almost makes it feel like they had delivered a notice before she put down the phone!
11/9 c60 lGrl0hwI9pfg8YLidY42
The poor Emperor :(
11/6 c2 Wanglin9722
What is happening
11/6 c32 lGrl0hwI9pfg8YLidY42
10/10 c10 Kamishiro Ryuu
The beginning was funny, but now this is so much meaning that I say goodbye.
10/8 c1 jberger990
I just finished binging this story, and it was absolutely incredible. The author has a fantastic grasp of character writing which really shines in how they gave Milo (the MC) develop throughout the story. Milo's journey from True Neutral PC who adventure's because that is what adventurers do to an actual hero who sees other people *as* people and who cares about them both as individuals and in the abstract is a joy to read. Few things have ever hit me as hard as the climax of Book 2 (Spoilers!) where Milo, given the choice to decide his backstory chooses *not* to have had his mother die protecting him (and thus making him invulnerable to the killing curse a la The Boy Who Lived) but instead to write his backstory so she is happy and healthy even as that costs him his life? It was an absolutely incredible moment. Not *just* because he did the right thing but because him doing the right thing is a culmination of his emotional journey throughout the book and because he *could* have chosen otherwise. The book still would have been good if he had. He would still have been a hero. But he chose to love his mother rather than to defeat the dark lord and that is *such* a powerful choice.

Other stuff that I loved in no particular order:
Milo's status as a PC: Harry Potter and the Natural 20 is of that genre of comedy stories where a lot of the jokes/humor comes from the idea that the actions that we the players have our PCs perform at the table (learning by murder, treating NPCs like they don't matter, the rules as written being the laws of the universe, etc) are the *actual* way that characters in dnd act. And its a good, funny example of that kind. But what really impresses is how the author is able to leverage this not just for humor, but for drama, action, and even horror. Milo exploiting RAW in a clever way to win a fight feels as clever and foreshadowed as the best examples of "character exploits previously froreshadowed thing to defeat foe". His status as a strange, otherworldly being is used to as much affect as any eldrtich horror, and his continuing character arc of going from PC to person is extremely satisfying.

The camping trip Susan Bones was just really well written and what made me first realize this story would be more then just a gag-a-day story.

The antagonists: One thing I really appreciate is how the antagonists of this story have stepped it up in a big way. Minor characters like Lucious and Quirrel are *competent* with goals and plans to pursue these goals. Just as importantly, these goals and plans don't feel like the author is changing these characters. Rather it feels like the author is giving us greater insight into characters who we never paid attention to and in doing so revealing they where alway bigger threats then we gave them credit for. Lucuis having *already won* due to economic influence is a good example. He's not a loyal but incompetent follower of Voldemort. He's someone who has supplanted Voldemort, but who must carefully balance his position as head death eater against his position as "Lex Luthor of Magical Britain".

In all, its just a great work and I am very thankful to the author for having written it.
9/29 c74 Malachar
Years later, I yet hold out hope for a continuation still.
9/25 c74 Guest
I know it’s been four years since this updated, but I just wanted to let you know that this is not of my favorite fics of all time and I really appreciate that you wrote it! I know it’s probably dead/not being updated anymore, but do you ever do update again please know that there is an audience here for it 3
9/21 c1 WasteWATER
I became interested in dnd(and loving it) after reading this wonderful fiction, and my first dnd character is a wizard :D
I dunno whether you will continue Milo‘s adventure one day, but thank you for the amazing work.
9/11 c55 Guest
Milo choosing to mother happy instead of using her to gain immunity from Voldemort is one of the most powerful passages I have ever read. Thank you so much for writing this
9/5 c74 Guest
Hoping that one day you'll feel like continuing this fic. It's very entertaining, even tho' I never played DnD.
8/26 c4 Guest
4 for 4 congrats on making a pile of garbage mate
8/26 c3 Guest
3 for 3 garbage
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