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for Ragnarok: Wolves Howling

4/23/2013 c4 Guest
This is quite goooooood! :3 I'm still uneasy about the former-gamer perspective thingy, but yeah, there's nothing wrong about it.

And by the way, Payon is modeled after Korea. :D
5/30/2012 c2 1LightChimera
Hi, I'm back. 8D
Your story is getting interesting, starting off with the premise of developing monsters. I'm glad I subscribed to this story. xD
Points to note
Careful about that punctuation. Too many ellipses (the ... thingers). Try to replace them with commas. You can use those in a dialogue, but it's not professional to use it in actual story description.
Content: 7/10 (You passed, but not really blew me away
Detail: 8/10 (Normal run-of-the-mill descriptions, I find, but can see that the effort was there.
Grammar: 6/10 (Understandable, but the punctuation caused that minus point from the average 7
Overall: 7/10

Good going! Keep at it!
P.S. I don't even want to think about how Moonlight Flower (My favorite monster, btw :D) and Atroce went around to *ahem* make you.

P.P.S. Or maybe I do. /perverted
5/22/2012 c1 LightChimera
Hey, interesting story. When Sniper appeared, I actually thought it was going to be like those schizophrenic stories where the main character kills another person and escapes because "the voices told him to". xD

But another interesting turn of events, and I'm interested to see where this goes. Not to mention I would like to see how this is related to a Soul Linker, as they're really a underdeveloped class in terms of background and understanding. :o

Subscribed to story. :)

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