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for Harry Potter and The Father Change Up

9/2/2015 c1 Saint Snape
I loved this story!
8/28/2015 c1 15tess4aria
Loved it. Great how you showed Harry and Severus' relationship develop. Thanks for this!
1/6/2015 c1 lilyflower101
love it! :)
5/14/2012 c1 YeCatsJ
Cute oneshot
5/11/2012 c1 Alex
that was cute!
5/9/2012 c1 Professor Radar
"It wasn't but a few weeks after Severus and I broke apart that James and I became engaged."


*opens mouth* *closes it*

5/8/2012 c1 5sevlily4ever
Excellent! It made me giggle like crazy. Loved it!
5/8/2012 c1 Namiko
Awesome! Loved it! But would have liked to see it longer. Maybe write a sequel? Pleeeease please?
5/8/2012 c1 6Lee kadivar
okay it maybe be because im pregnant...but parts of this made me cry happy tears. if only the real story was like that...but alas, it is not. i think this was a great one shot and i love how you describe harry in this one. thanks for writing it!

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