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11/18 c3 Angery Katte
Everything about this is great. I know this story is four years old and you haven't posted anything since then - maybe not even been on here since then. But I feel like I gotta say it.

Why is Nilsdottir a thing? From what I've seen so far, she adds literally nothing to the story with her presence. What's her purpose?
11/2 c1 Guest
the moment you made bending a common thing in the galaxy i lost interest
7/31 c2 hainbane
An idea is nice. But way way to much direct quoting from Mass effect. I have no desire to read all the minor dialogs I read in the first game.
6/29 c2 Axccel
This whole chapter reminds me of one single fanfic in which this miraculous piece of technology was used at the port, dig site, and Anderson's helmet during his Spectre test mission: cameras.

That doesn't seem to exist in this story just like every other story and, apparently, freaking canon. Seeing as somehow there's no security cameras, no helmet cam, etc. Heck, when I read the novel that had Anderson's Spectre mission in it, I grinned and believed Saren was going to be in trouble at the least because duh warehouse security cameras and Anderson's own helmet cam. But no. It wasn't even brought up I think.
6/29 c1 Axccel
If Shepard is the avatar, then she did fight in the war. Technically. Has amnesia of it due to being reborn, but still the same person just in a new body. Nihlus should know that, unless he doesn't believe in the avatar cycle.

As for reviews saying she's being a bitch...yeah. Yeah, she is being a bitch. She's generally right about what she says, but she does say it in an unnecessarily nasty way. Though, I do understand that in the field you aren't exactly going to be in the mood to be nice about reprimanding someone and that if they can't take it then they shouldn't be soldiers in the first place.
5/6 c81 Guest
Hell of a good read, sad there hasn’t been an update in a while. It’s jammed full of video game and movie references, the lore and world building is pretty amazing and in-depth, and the characters are unique. Cheers to the best crossover story I have ever read!
4/27 c11 N0-FX Regalia
This is helping me through Covid-19. Sseriously. Thank you.
9/3/2019 c81 1Destrark
Just re-read for the second time. Damn this is a good story. I hope you come back and finish it at some point. Something as awesome as this deserves it.
6/22/2018 c12 1Ilireanwri
I'm starting to wonder if Shepards flashbacks are really visions from the past, or if they're warnings what'll most likely happen to her should she stay the way she is right now.
6/22/2018 c3 Ilireanwri
Hmm, if the Avatar a pure Human phenomenon then what is Javik (I guess the flashbacks were his PoV)? Is he the Prothean version of the Avatar?
Oh, will the Spirits and the Spiritworld have some appearances in this fic? I would love to see the spirit of Iroh appear to Sheppard and/or some of the more volatile Crewmembers with his wisdom and Tea (and first drive them up the walls and across the ceiling, but in the end give them some really good advice)... also funny would be if Toph would appear and butt heads with Wrex and work on Tali's confidence (I could see Toph and Wrex getting along very well).
As to how spirits could appear in the material world for all: didn't some of them always have that abillity, and wasn't in the 2nd season of Legend of Korra the Spiritworld permanently connected to the material World?
6/22/2018 c1 Ilireanwri
Hmm, sounds interesting. I'm curious where this story will go.
Just one thing: I would've loved to see a little timeline and summary of the past in this first chapter, as well as a litlle explanation exactly what the differences are between canon and this story. I would've also loved to see the first contact war (and the reactions of the Turians and the Citadel about the Human bending), as well as the Humans eventual step into the larger galaxy (and their meeting with the Krogans)...
1/15/2018 c1 Avora111
I haven't even read this yet and I knew the turrens have picked a fight with the wrong people but Thiel figure that out when the ground they walk on the meatal walls the air that breath and their very own blood turns on them
11/21/2017 c3 15Vanessa Masters
Oh wow, it seems Shepard has a wild time with the consort. XD

And Tali does a little admiring of Kaidan. ;)
11/21/2017 c2 Vanessa Masters
Metal bending Wrex, HUZZAH! SO BAD ASS!


Great chapter, great story!
11/21/2017 c1 Vanessa Masters
Oh wow! This is incredible! Very well done!

And intense too! :D
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