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7/24 c6 Aekiv
For someone so tactless in social settings, Shepard's perception skills are quite spot on. Wrex randomly shooting Liara to test her armor gives crazy uncle vibes. That's one terrifying way to make someone get used to being shot.
7/23 c5 Aekiv
Liara having tea with Avatar Hong was a nice segment. Two academics having a peaceful discussion, and on the other side, Shepard's witnessing a previous Avatar's turbulent timeline. It's great that she sat with the crew for a few moments, finally showing interest in other people's personal lives.
7/23 c4 Aekiv
Oh, I thought Shepard's hatred of elevators was for comedic purposes, looks like it comes from a more tragic source instead.

Liara's crazy entrance made me laugh. I feel like I'll be doing that for every chapter of yours. Wrex playing with Liara's doubts was cruel yet funny lol. I love how you retained the ME characters' original personality with the way they banter with each other. And Shep here is definitely not a paragon of leadership and all things good, all the more reason to look forward to how you'll develop her!
7/23 c3 Aekiv
"So I'm a Spectre now. Great. I'll pin it next to the ribbon I got for being the Avatar," My sides. Snarky Shep is growing on me. And her sexual awakening, LOL. I enjoy your codex entries a lot, it's fascinating how you fuse together the lore of each respective fandom.
7/23 c2 Aekiv
Lmfao the quarian singer continuing her performance while there's a fight going on. Shepard's not one to play by the rules, I like how she circumvented the no gunsbending policy at Fist's club. A scalpel, she is not. 110% sledgehammer tactics.
7/22 c1 Aekiv
Ahh in every universe, poor ol jenkins always dies.

You made me hope for a sec there that Nihlus would survive!

Great start. Looks like this Shep won't be a complete goodie two shoes. Poor Asha seeking validation from the Avatar lol
7/13 c85 Guest

Just wanted to say thanks for finishing this I really enjoyed it.
7/3 c85 3Darth Paxis
When The Remastered trilogy came out, I decided I’d save my money and go reread the Best Mass Effect fanfic I’d ever seen. Once I saw it had been completed I knew I couldn’t just skip ahead to read the end, I had to read it all again, and what a thrill it was. Thank you so much for writing this story.
6/23 c1 Mangoose
Wow. Shepard is an alpha bitch in this story. I mean, I understand why but that doesn't make her any less of a bitch.

This is pretty interesting. This kind of Shepard is the type that a lot of writers shy away from because it's honestly hard to pull off the realistic character development that would have to happen down the line.

The common Shepard we usually see in fanfics is the leader we can count on, not a broken soldier like we have here.
6/18 c85 Magnus
Thank you for finishing this grand storyline. I had been checking back every now and then over the last years and to see it now finished and follow it to its conclusion was extremely satisfying.

I wish you the best in all your future endeavours and, again, thank you for giving this to us.
5/17 c85 Guest
My god I can’t believe it’s over. Thank you for coming back to finish this. Thank you so much.
5/17 c85 Guest
Ohhhhhhh my fuck I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve been waiting for YEARS hoping you’d finish this and you DID NOT DISAPPOINT!
5/13 c27 5Annathemage
Wait is Balak actually Ulysses from FNV?
4/29 c85 Putrid
Well done. You took two universes, smashed them together and made them your own. I'm not sure what else to say to be honest. There were parts I was less engaged with and a couple parts where the pacing seemed to get frustratingly slow. But I still read it, still enjoyed it. Bravo.

Nearly TWO MILLION WORDS; words that make a well done and coherent story too. Good on ya for finishing such a work.
4/25 c85 2dylanbiancamano
Firstly I'd like to thank you for coming back and finishing this piece. I can say with truth, that Avatar of Victory is probobly my favorite thing to come out of both Mass Effect and the Avatar series, full stop.
I've fallen in love with this science fantasy, high concept mysticism that you've created. I'll say this, I waited years for this conclusion and even thought I could pen it myself. WHAT A FOOL I WAS. I could never have come up with the conclusion you made. Having the battle between Shepard and Harbinger just be a regular kung fu fight, but on a level of existence so high it warps reality, is both inspired and very fitting for Avatar.
And I greatly appreciate your epilogue chapter, seeing everyone's Animal House ending made me a little weepy if I'm being perfectly honest. I had truly grown to love these characters, more than in vanilla Mass Effect, Your Liara is so good it actually disappoints me when I boot up ME1 and her personality isn't the one from this, but more to the point, I just wanted to see them more. My only wish is that I could see them have their victory party. Silly, I know, but there's something about that final moment from Last Airbender where all our heroes are enjoying tea together and I would have loved to see here. But I will leave that for my own imagination. Your ending was enough.
But I'm serious when I say this is bittersweet, I really can't stress enough how much AoV inspired me and captured my imagination, to see it end, is a sad but beautiful thing.
I salute you, Sir. Thank you for your great work. You have a life long fan in me, that I promise.
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