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8/21/2015 c75 12Kaoupa
Also, have to add; you seem to be adding some references to Asura's Wrath; am I right? And Harbinger seems to have been a remnant from the "age of the gods", when Asura, Vlitra, Chakravartin, and all the others from the game would have fit right in.
8/21/2015 c76 Kaoupa
Damn. I knew the Reapers were doing something with the asari, but I just assumed they had tried to brainwash them in the current time. But deliberately planting them as spies for thousands of cycles after "upgrading" them? Did NOT see that one coming. I imagine Shepard and the others are going to decide that the fewer people that know about this particular fact, the better, even if the asari are all free now.

Silent Dominion doing a suicide bombing? Have to admit, reminds me of a lot of terrorist organizations... which is likely intentional. Sad he died, I kind of liked him. Not really arrogant, and honestly seemed to mean well.

Leviathan seems to be heading for a heel-face turn...

Hope Liara gets better.
8/21/2015 c76 16ChaosSpartan575
Is ol' Levi based off Azula?
8/20/2015 c76 Spikesagitta
Duh duh...Asari are the weapons the "Reapers" created. That would make sense that this is why they are killing them outright instead of harvesting them.
8/20/2015 c76 1Arekanderu
This was amazing! I am loving this fic so much. I suspected that you had something special in mind for the Asari. They were just too juicy to pass up but wow!
7/28/2015 c39 12Kaoupa
A strange question... If Shepard became a Reaper, what would the other reapers call/think of her?
7/25/2015 c75 Guest
Why do I get the feeling that Shepard is going to take a fourth option and let the next generation take the wheel?
7/24/2015 c75 11OMAC001
Looks like Shepard's going after Phoenix now. This was possibly the darkest chapter by far. Hope you update soon.
7/24/2015 c21 12Kaoupa
Good to see you updated again! Even if i'm not reviewing the current chapter! This story really deserves a lot more reviews, it's awesome!
7/18/2015 c74 Dom380
Another great chapter. I think you captured Aria's character perfectly.
7/10/2015 c74 6LeonCr0ss
Another fantastic chapter. _
7/9/2015 c74 5Eipok
Great chapter, but I still have no idea what "kip" means in this story.
7/7/2015 c74 11OMAC001
Can't wait to see what comes next!
7/7/2015 c74 Spikesagitta
Ah. I hope she would survive. That's...just kinda crushing.
7/5/2015 c1 1PariahPrime
This is a great story! I love how you blend the two worlds of Avatar and Mass Effect in a way that actually fits nicely together! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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