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1/28/2015 c16 4Newcomb
Really enjoying this so far. I know nothing about Avatar, so parts of this are confusing for me, but I'm rolling with it. I wasn't quite sold on the story until Liara and Tali showed up, but the character interactions are solid - funny, dynamic, interesting. I'll probably leave you an in-depth review when/if I finish this monster, but I wanted to drop by and say that this is good, and I really appreciate that it exists.

Oh, one minor thing - how can someone who obviously knows what they're doing, writing-wise, have so many it's/its conflations?
1/23/2015 c1 11chm01
good start.
1/13/2015 c64 1Arekanderu
You know it's weird and I don't know if it's even possible since you are already one of the ebst but you just seem to get even better with every chapter. You are seriously talented

And this was an amazing twist. Truly a masterpiece!
1/13/2015 c64 5Eipok
Fantastic chapter, even though you do still seem to be using "kip" inappropriately. I hope the next chapter focuses on the Quarians and Rannoch.
1/12/2015 c64 11OMAC001
Well, that was a twist from the original. Can't wait to see what else changes!
1/12/2015 c64 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more updates soon and Really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
1/12/2015 c64 Spikesagitta
That's one hell of a batman gambit that Weaver did there. His plans advance either way...that's kinda scary.
1/12/2015 c64 3Antonio92
Have I ever mentioned how absolutely excited I get whenever I see an alert for a new chapter of Avatar of Victory? Because I get really excited. Especially now that Korra's over and there's not going to be anything else in the Avatar universe except for the fanfiction...

Speaking of, it's kinda striking the similarities between Aimei and Korra. Both of them are women, both of them have shoulder-length hair, both of them are in a relationship with a politically-powerful woman (admittedly Asami's power isn't QUITE of the "rearrange galactic civilization on a whim" variety), both of them started out brash and headstrong, before getting calmer and wiser as their Avatar careers continued...
1/12/2015 c64 Unca Bob
This is spectacularly good. It drags a bit in some places, but overall is really just so very good. Can't wait for more.
1/5/2015 c22 Dquinnicus
Man, if Vega makes it outta that bind and gets his soul back, he's gonna be a badass.
12/31/2014 c63 Dan
Weaver, you magnificent bastard!

Kelly, nooooooo!

Oh look, it's Levi on the loose in the Citadel, and also a pair of weird aliens, whatever the heck they are . . . Tali's been everywhere, do you think she'll know what they are?

Valern, you doofus, they're your friends. Speaking of, where's Kirrahe? Did he die on Sur'Kesh and I missed it? Shouldn't he have used his impressive cloaking ability to take a bullet for the Councilor, instead of something more useful?

Loved it, keep it up, seeing your words is pleasing to my brain!
12/31/2014 c63 11OMAC001
So Weaver's cleaning house on his own organization! Can't wait to see where this all leads!
12/31/2014 c63 7Roku - Molester of Science
Weaver is...I really cannot tell if he is indoctrinated, evil to the core or just believes he has a better way of kicking Reaper-ass that involves killing slightly incompetent politicians with plenty collateral to boot.

I just hope Udina isn't ending up either the typical villain or gets mistakenly shot because Shepard thought he was a corrupt Bosh'ted.

Awesome as always, which really isn't a surprise. I mean, it's YOU after all. at this point, people just expect you to be Awesome. No pressure, right?
12/31/2014 c63 1Arekanderu
I am literally reading this at 00.00 on New Year when I should be watching the fireworks. Damn you for being so talented that you turned me into an addict!
12/31/2014 c63 10Just a Crazy-Man
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