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1/31/2013 c18 1Tankred
Liara is awesome, this is completely true.
1/30/2013 c7 14Celestia's Paladin
Ah Spoo the other gray meat, the only know non-sentient species to have the IARPL and the CASPCA to say "Kill 'em"
1/30/2013 c18 Sash'Rahaal
It's good to see something genuinely good happen to Shepard after all the nasty things she's been through. Also, SCREW YOU KAI LENG. Thank you very much for depicting him as the enormous douchebag he's always been, and thank you even more for punching him really hard in his fictional face. Looking forward to next chapter, as always!
1/30/2013 c18 25Darth Marrs
The imagination, inventiveness, and sheer competence of this story continues to amaze and impress. Every chapter is itself a novella. I cannot thank you enough for providing so much wonderful, free story for me to read.
1/30/2013 c4 14Celestia's Paladin
Have you been reading the words of Gregg? I think I see the influence of the Ree. Ok so I see your Shepard being the opposite of mine, a Renegade with Paragon tendencies
1/20/2013 c17 25Darth Marrs
That battle with saren was astounding. This is a great story with excellent characterizations. I look forward to more!
1/18/2013 c17 Dan
There are no words to describe how awesome that was
1/13/2013 c17 Guest
The scene where Saren gets his arm torn off really surprised me.
1/15/2013 c5 Darth Marrs
This story is criminally under-reviewed. Your extrapolations of the future avatar world are extraordinary and you've melded that world seamlessly into the mass effect verse. Very well done!
1/15/2013 c16 delta7
Good another update. Love the codex as usual and can't wait to see more of Virmire. It looks like you have some very interesting world building. Can't wait to see more.
1/14/2013 c17 1Tankred
Pack some nutrient bars or something next time, Jack.
1/13/2013 c17 Sash'Rahaal
KAIDEN NOOOOOOOOO! Poor Shepard. And poor Legion. Geth can't catch a break.

I basically devour every chapter you release the moment it comes out at this point. Onward to Three Families.
1/12/2013 c16 derillianstone
I stayed up for three sleepless nights reading this story from Chapter 1 to 16. Flawlessly done crossover.

I want more. MOOOOOOAR.
12/30/2012 c16 10Deus Swiftblade
Loved how you did the wrex scene. Glad you didn't kill the guy, I always liked him.
12/26/2012 c16 Dan
That entire fight. Wow.
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