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3/18 c82 themann1086
I was LITERALLY just talking to someone about this fic last night with a friend, including the "it hasn't been updated been years but it's so well done it's worth a read anyway" caveat. Fell out of my chair when I got this notification. Holy crap!

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you for coming back to finish this. I am so excited to see how this ends.
3/18 c1 reluctantuser
Daaamn. This was the first serious fanfic I've ever read. I've since forgotten most of everything, so I guess I know what I've got to reread now, like everyone else in the reviews it seems :-)

Great to see you back!
3/18 c82 2Razorsmile
3/18 c82 18Ultra Sonic 007
/screaming internally
/mostly because he now needs to reread AoV
/also dude where you been?
/you like dropped off the Internet
3/18 c82 7Roku - Molester of Science
Avatar of Victory is an example of a masterpiece never receiving the praise it was due.

Because it is a masterpiece.
3/18 c82 1Arekanderu
Oh my god . I did not expect this . What am I going to do now !? I have to reread the whole thing to get ready for the finale but this will take me weeks! What have you done to me
3/18 c82 Icdan
Omg, I can't state how happy I am to hear this! This is one of my favorite pieces of writing all across, not just in fanfiction.
3/18 c82 5Eliad91
WOOOO so freaking excited
2/27 c81 Glumski
This is honestly one of the most impressive stories I've read so far. I don't think I've ever seen action scenes this absurdly overdone yet still utterly believable, and I definitely haven't seen such a well done crossover between a SciFi and a Fantasy franchise before. Your characters are fantastic - with the development of Shepard easily one of the best I've ever seen. The plot is wonderfully intricate and well thought-out, with an excellent style of writing that gives flesh to every detail.
It's been a long time since you've updated - more than five years now - but I hope that it was simply because you lost interest or muse, and not because of anything worse.
2/5 c20 Glumski
I'm usually not one for writing multiple reviews for a single story, but since the first book ends here, I gotta make an exception.
First of all, this fic really is stupidly long. The ME fandom tends to produce quite a few long stories/series - it's three canon games with a lot of lore after all - but this one is longer than any I've read so far, clocking in at more than 4200 pages on my eReader. It's long even compared to MizDirected's 'Future Imperfect', which I until now thought to be the epitome of ridiculous lengths filled with amazing world building. Then again, Book 1 is just over 1000 pages, which is perfectly appropriate, so I guess it's just a series of fairly long books, not itself an unreasonably piece of fiction. Still, when I first saw the word count, I did a bit of a double take. (And, yeah, I've seen 'The Spirit of Redemption', which is twice as long. Haven't read it, though, at least not yet.)
Length aside, this really is a beautiful piece of fiction. I didn't expect the world of AtLA to fit into ME this well - though I guess elemental magic isn't too far a stretch when there's already space magic involved. Your excellent style of writing conveys it nicely; it made the hours go by unnoticed. Though, with the Covid-19 lockdown in effect, it's not like there's anything to do but work and sleep, so this works out rather well. It would be annoying if I only got to read half a chapter every day!
What I truly fell in love with are the characters. Admittedly, Shepard was (by design?) fairly unlikeable at the beginning, but her development was all the more gratifying thanks to it. Your adorably dorky Liara is fantastic, and Tali always has been a favourite of mine. I love what you've done to the human characters, as well; I never quite warmed up to Ashley and Jack in the games (and most other fics I've read), but Asha and Jackie are great! Legion (or whatever their name is going to be here) were enjoyable and interesting to observe as well; I'm looking forward to more of them!
The only thing I dislike is the chapter length. Personally, I dislike stopping in the middle of a chapter; with the ~30 pages at the beginning that was okay, but the more common 60-70 pages are a bit much. On my eReader it isn't a problem at all, but online it's fairly annoying. It doesn't help that FFN has no download option unlike most (all?) other fanfic archives. But, oh well, that's what external tools are for, I guess.
Anyway, I better continue with Book 2 now! Gotta see how you're going to handle Shepard's untimely death!
11/18/2020 c3 Angery Katte
Everything about this is great. I know this story is four years old and you haven't posted anything since then - maybe not even been on here since then. But I feel like I gotta say it.

Why is Nilsdottir a thing? From what I've seen so far, she adds literally nothing to the story with her presence. What's her purpose?
11/2/2020 c1 Guest
the moment you made bending a common thing in the galaxy i lost interest
7/31/2020 c2 hainbane
An idea is nice. But way way to much direct quoting from Mass effect. I have no desire to read all the minor dialogs I read in the first game.
6/29/2020 c2 Axccel
This whole chapter reminds me of one single fanfic in which this miraculous piece of technology was used at the port, dig site, and Anderson's helmet during his Spectre test mission: cameras.

That doesn't seem to exist in this story just like every other story and, apparently, freaking canon. Seeing as somehow there's no security cameras, no helmet cam, etc. Heck, when I read the novel that had Anderson's Spectre mission in it, I grinned and believed Saren was going to be in trouble at the least because duh warehouse security cameras and Anderson's own helmet cam. But no. It wasn't even brought up I think.
6/29/2020 c1 Axccel
If Shepard is the avatar, then she did fight in the war. Technically. Has amnesia of it due to being reborn, but still the same person just in a new body. Nihlus should know that, unless he doesn't believe in the avatar cycle.

As for reviews saying she's being a bitch...yeah. Yeah, she is being a bitch. She's generally right about what she says, but she does say it in an unnecessarily nasty way. Though, I do understand that in the field you aren't exactly going to be in the mood to be nice about reprimanding someone and that if they can't take it then they shouldn't be soldiers in the first place.
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