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4/29/2016 c14 12Lee Totema
When reading through this again it made me wonder if they encountered quarians living without their suit and had geth living happily with them. I guess you would never really know at this point. Superb chapter as always
4/27/2016 c13 Lee Totema
I've read your story about three times now. I can't believe the amount of foreshadowing that I overlooked the first time around. Truthfully by reading this one and all your other stories, I've gotten better at my own character development as I write. I'm so grateful to you for that. Time to keep reading as usual
1/26/2016 c81 1PariahPrime
Yes! I love it!
1/21/2016 c81 1Arekanderu
Wow. That started out like it was going to be that nice relaxing chapter full of love,wedding and happiness and then bham. You snaked it something huge like what happened to the Illusive Man. Well done ! Excellent! This chapter took my breath away
1/21/2016 c81 10Kreidian
This story, this chapter, truly ... the best.
1/21/2016 c81 Spikesagitta
At least Weaver is doing the right thing. Now. Better late then never.
1/21/2016 c81 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more)
1/21/2016 c81 2Quintain Apprentince of Alduin
Drunk Tali'Zorah is best Tali'Zorah.
1/21/2016 c81 pucflek
Is it only me that finds Weaver almost better hero than Shepard?
1/9/2016 c80 reluctantuser
I'Ve now read the entire story, and I really, REALLY like it. Thank your for publishing it, sir!

I really like that each character has his/her own personality. In too many stories, characters perform lip-service to their original characterisation without that ever meaning anything, it doesn't feel this way here. You've changed characters, but they still 'feel' like the same persons. For example, Asha behaves different from canon in many places (like when finding out Shepard is alive), but she still 'feels' like Ash.
I also like that plots are intervowen - the crew seems to actually have an agenda instead of being locked in their rooms and only left out to fight in a mission.
I wouldn't have thought that both universes could mix, but you did it. I can't think of any major internal discrepancies, which is laudable given the sheer size of this thing.
The story feels like a real, connected story and not random missions tossed together. As if you'd know what you'd write in the next chapters :-)
In most ME crossovers, Shepard gets her normal powers and achievements plus whatever that lore gives her to make her even less believable. But here, she gained her pre-story achievements (powers being the Butcher) BECAUSE she is the Avatar, not additionally to it. Plus she isn't exactly blessed at the beginning. This makes it more believable. I love that!

- I didn't like some parts because they simply added nothing to me and felt too long, especially Fehl prime, the OC quarian action and some OCs in general (Abylon, Erdeni), probably because I'm not interested to those characters at all. But I guess that's normal for story as gigantic as this.
- Some of the fights felt to... how to say it... 'DragonBall Z'-y to me. Mainly Saren and the Collector fights, because way to many people have all the powers and perform attacks that should kill everybody instantly but don't because everybody is so powerful. Though it seems you're recently correcting that by introducing powerful foes that can nevertheless be shot in the face, so yay to that ;-)
- I can't read other ME-fanfic anymore, because it's such a step-down from this ;-)

All in all, the best fanfic I've ever read. Thank you!
12/20/2015 c80 kasp7755
Hi! I haven't read your story, I don't really read the mass effect universe, just came here to tell good job and nicely done hitting over 1.8million words. I appreciate your effort in the fanfiction community.
12/11/2015 c80 Dan
(Guest impressed by massive amount of writing, look up Worm/wildbow/Pact it's good stuff)
To the author - Thank you so much loving it as always.
Shit's getting real. Had no doubts on the quality of your writing, it's never been in question, love where the story is heading, floored that you can keep all of this in your head... so many wheels spinning and all. I've been following you on spacebattles because I find myself incapable of waiting for each update. Here comes Ragnarok?
12/11/2015 c80 aDarkOne
Ah...an info dump chapter :)
12/10/2015 c80 Unca Bob
That is a superb way to tie all these things together. I love it.
12/8/2015 c1 Guest
Out of every story, book, or writing I have ever seen, you have most impressed me. A person able to write a story with 79 chapters with the equivalent of seven full books is something I have never I encountered before. May you right more and have no writers block
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