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3h c1 tredy77
this story is amazing i can't wait for the next chapter!
6/28 c1 DeltaWolf2038
ok, first problem, naruto was the one who created the oodama rasengan, not minato, he never finished it
6/24 c58 Markus2994
Srry but i dont see natsu beating erza
6/15 c1 Geurtg
Gran historia
6/8 c13 ImMoku
Does naruto have dragon seed? Will naruto mutate into dragon? I wish he will cuz its cool
6/5 c16 Guest
I love this and I what to say you got talent and good taste
5/8 c26 SonofPoseidon2018
What does J.O.A. Naruto mean
5/6 c66 Guest
Welldone, more of this please we are anticipating
5/3 c67 Guest
So great more please
4/30 c29 giovvaniauditore
Erza being his sister is odd ngl, wonder what you'll do with irene
4/30 c1 11.06.1997.patricia
Keep up the good work
4/29 c1 Ryu Master of Seals
How has it been 10 years since this story began...and you're literally just now reaching the 7-Year Timeskip after 67 chapters. Are you padding this crap out or what? At this point with all the back and forth switching between shitty OCs no one cares about to the emo Gary Stu that is Naruto but not Naruto and the dweebs that are Fairy Tail, I'm glad I dropped this story a YEARS ago. It is starting to seem like at this point the Fairy Tail fillers are much more entertaining than whatever this clusterfuck of this fic is...or what it's trying to be.

I'm only following this crap to see how long the bullshit was going to last and read the reviews because hey I find that much more entertaining than whatever hell you got going on.
4/22 c2 handwran
and the calling out of every attack is... kinda immersion breaking
4/22 c2 handwran
this is kinda hard to read with all the Japanese words thrown in. it feels kinda weebish too, maybe like, tone it down a bit
4/17 c67 sil-celestion-boos imperial
Me gusta el curso que está tomando la historia amigó, espero con ansias el próximo capítulo
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