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10/26 c20 3Heaven Ascension DIO
She is fighting a beyblade.
9/28 c1 CHILD PORN
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9/11 c67 Val6974
An amazing fanfiction. Please ignore the haters and keep up the good work, how you expanded the canon universel truly is remarquable and i really am hyped to know how you will continue to use that amazing lore you created. Can't wait for you to upload again. Have a Nice day
8/28 c67 Metaphysical Gamer
You better keep dropping chapters this jawn at finished yet
8/20 c11 acowles02
CN you stop putting the japanese names and the english translations for attack names on some, and for others only one or the other? Pick one and stick to it
8/20 c3 acowles02
The shit at the beginning got old real quick
8/3 c13 Shenlong007
Why the fuck you doing chapters that are 50% exactly like canon
5/5 c66 1soledrive
you cocksucking bitch... tf just to make hades fight naruto on par with him ... you literally made naruto forget that he is the master of seals not the other way around, he had marlins two sword but no he never uses it ,... then why the fuck did he learn sportsmanship if he does not use it in battle... and wtf is with u... whenever naruto fights he get hit more than the enemy and his drive mode is always almost countered... how the fuck does some no name mage always seem to be powerful enough to push him so far ... they are not the son of two of the most powerful wizard saints naruto is ... they were not taught by acnalogia naruto was, you mentioned that naruto's physical prowess was tremendous but thats is always countered or surpassed in fights ... he is fast but enemy always seem to block him... his wind sword never cuts enough... he punches always just send people skidding back but whenever he hits his bones are always about to break... wtf is with u man you make it seem that naruto is some genius but he is always push far more than he should be and his mental stability or not he is fucking dragonslayer... the dumbass version of natsu always defeated far more powerful enemy with just punches and rage even with a bit of help... but naruto here always struggles even when being showed as most powerful dragonslayer... and please reply i want to hear from you about this..
4/21 c1 Niicosmashtgern
1.1m ?!
3/18 c67 curtis
good fanfiction keep up the work
1/8 c67 31Adventreader221
where is our new years update, it'd be nice to see one right about now. anyways good stuff, u made me sniffle a bit at Makarovs death. hope u publish soon
11/27/2022 c42 deltaplays
I fucking love this chapter
11/24/2022 c1 amavgupta0
hey is there a reading of this story by any chance like any other writer writing reading of dragonslayer, I just thought you might know if their is because of the writer asking your permission to write a reading of this story
11/17/2022 c51 Guest
The Fauss boss (hey that rhymes) was underwhelming but the ending was amazing.
11/13/2022 c44 Guest
Things keep going to shit ;-;
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