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6/16/2020 c1 47JessicaRae95
This was really intriguing...
8/1/2014 c1 6Lyanna Pond
Very emotional! You did a fantastic job detailing how he was feeling in such a short amount of words.
7/19/2014 c1 TorcanTheSaldar
I quite enjoyed reading Standstill. Although brief, it was full of emotion. Good job on the story.
6/26/2014 c1 62Rochelle Templer

I remember the mentions in Classic Who fandom about the Other, who worked alongside Rassilon and Omega to form Time Lord society and enable them to travel through space and time. I guess I interpreted it to mean that the Doctor was a re-incarnation of the Other having been created from genetic material from the Other who had thrown himself into the reproductive looms. But this is an interesting take on the idea as well to connect it with the new series.

The idea that he feels he's an orphan without his in-laws is another cool turn of phrase simply because it's true and yet weird in that uniquely Doctor Who way.

There were a couple lines I was a little confused on, but it wasn't anything that made it impossible to read. The only thing that threw me was the idea of River calling him Mr. Smith. I guess I always thought she would just call him the Doctor since that's the name he prefers to be known as anyway.
5/10/2012 c1 dr100
Great story, love the authors note, and your storytelling. I would say to work on adding in the full stops at the end of your sentences, where they're needed of course. But I really liked it, was really imaginative, and a good piece of fiction! :)
5/9/2012 c1 24Brownbug
The first /and/ the last of the Time Lords - a very interesting take on the Doctor's story.
5/9/2012 c1 28Son of Whitebeard
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