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5/31 c16 Guest
Congrats With the birth of your baby
8/18/2019 c10 3NPP-VI
...erm... you do realize that in canon there are several opponents who straight up died (sometimes in rather gruesome ways) as a direct result of Atem's early Shadow Games, yes? Matter of fact, some of those the death was the Penalty Game...
4/22/2019 c13 5The Ancient Phoenix
Free will probably means blackmail or persuasion. “Come to my island little star, free your jii-San
4/21/2019 c6 The Ancient Phoenix
No pairings is perfectly fine
4/21/2019 c1 The Ancient Phoenix
Harry having seizures? I had a friend with those. He’s just state off into space and not talk
9/23/2018 c16 6Dusk the Cybertronian Wolf
Its OK. Enjoy motherhood!
8/17/2018 c16 ame rikano
congratulations and good luck! we all hope you enjoy your life so one day you can continues your storyi wish you and your family will be always happy!
3/5/2018 c16 sakurakhadag
Congratulations on the baby boy! He must be a toddler now?
I love the name.
3/22/2017 c16 24HelenTheMoon
Congratulations! I hope you return to your stories one day, but family is the most important thing! The world needs more babies!
11/4/2016 c16 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Fair enough. You got to do what's writte for yourself. If this story does get adopted could you let us know?
9/18/2016 c16 1DragonStorm the phoenix
Good luck, I'll hope you enjoy the new chapter of your life.
9/12/2016 c16 42EvilDime
Hey girl,
thanks for the note. I'm sad to see this fic remaining unfinished, but Life always has to come first. Having been mobbed out of my phd studies only to get under the wheels of a truck after a week in the new job (don't worry, I can still walk and everything - people tell me I've been 'lucky'), I think I'm entitled to say I can relate a little bit. Things never quite go the way you plan them.
I'm glad you're happy with your baby, though. I wish you all the joy and love as a family!
Also, on a side-note: my mother found a new partner way past age 60, more than 20 years after her marriage broke. So never give up hope, maybe the right person just hasn't shown up yet. ; ) Single life doesn't have to be final, no matter your age.
9/10/2016 c3 2KyoudaiDoushi
THAT was polite Snape? That sounded more like a "you're coming with me whether you like it or not" Snape.
9/10/2016 c1 KyoudaiDoushi
You know, the way you're describing his "daydreams", it almost sounds like he has Locked-in Syndrome.
9/9/2016 c16 2GreenDrkness
While I'm a little disappointed that there isn't going to be more I hope you enjoy life with your son
Keep on the writes
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