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6/2/2012 c1 Amy
Haha, Geelong Cats supporter all the way! Nah, I can just see them all confused looking at the ball:) n of course Hetty knows what the hell it is:)
5/16/2012 c1 26Jasmine-N-Leaves
Nice! As an Aussie myself, I enjoyed this story.
5/11/2012 c1 itstimefornewthings
I thought it was great for a first fic! Good job!
5/11/2012 c1 22Jerseycaramel
You're a Victorian arent you? :) loved it. I think I would have liked more details in the story, eg their epic screw ups while attempting to play, but all in all a great start. Welcome to fanfic
5/11/2012 c1 19PurpleHipposRock
Loved it. I'm not personally a huge fan of football, but this was cute. XD

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