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for Bless That Lonely Soul

8/27/2015 c40 5sos.andra.unofficial
Such an amazing story!
6/23/2015 c23 2SaiyaCat
its cute
11/25/2014 c37 Elicorn
This chapter is beautifuuuuul. #myheart #yay
11/25/2014 c36 Elicorn
Short chapters aren't really my thing. :(

But this is a wonderful chapter. *O*
11/25/2014 c34 Elicorn
Well since this fic is already complete, I doubt that my review will still take an effect, but I do want a lemon. :

And your writing has definitely improved, author-san. I commend you! Keep writing and stay beautiful
11/25/2014 c23 Guest
11/24/2014 c14 Guest
Wait.. 2 weeks and the baby already bumped? I don't think that's possible, author-san. XD

But this last part was just... *nose gushes out blood*
11/24/2014 c2 Elicorn
The plot is really good. But the beginning really confused me because she didn't summon the demon, nor did anyone else.

I really like how you used the anime's plot but changed some parts in accordance to the gender of the protagonist. Though I really can't help but correct some of your grammatical errors. You really should ask someone to proof-read your work. Your grammar is a bit off and even if I automatically correct them in my head, it's still very disturbing, on my part as a reader.

I hope you will grow and mature as an author with my criticism. Keep it up! I'm reading this until the end ;)
8/6/2014 c40 AngelofNightmares6666
Awesome I loved the story it was awesome you did an awesome job
6/22/2014 c2 Chibi4Ever
It's a little different. But that's what makes it better I've been looking for this kind of fanfic for a long time.
6/9/2014 c40 MikuHatsuneLove
So fitting, yet so erotic. XD That sounds weird, but I love this chapter to death. It was one hell of a ride; so now to wait for the Circus Arc to be animated. XD
6/9/2014 c39 MikuHatsuneLove
Poor Hannah. :(

I thought Sebastian was going to cry, but it's a good thing that Jane's a demon now! That shows Claude for being a dick. Decent chapter, I must say. :)
6/9/2014 c40 Kuro Princess
That was so hot! Is it wrong for me to blush now? XD I really enjoyed this story, man. :)
6/9/2014 c39 Kuro Princess
I totally understand you; you wanted to get this done and wish that you could add more, but better now than never, I guess you can say.

This is decent; I'm crushed that Claude killed Hannah like that. I'll see the lemon now! :D
6/6/2014 c40 Samantha114
Great, great story!
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