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for Playing Dead

5/21/2013 c11 Jenna93
Why stop threr this is so cool
5/21/2013 c7 Jessica
LOVE it this is the best one yet i am rioting sorry my lettering is bad anyway im makeing a story in cace you are whunt To reading
7/14/2012 c7 kath46
I like the ending of this chapter...how does Kensi get out of this...does deeks come and save her? how does this guy luke know she is a cop...is he deeks?

Did you enjoy the finale?
6/10/2012 c11 Amy
Perfect ending for the perfect story! Besides who doesn't like a little side serving of corn? It isn't a Deeks story without corny anyway so may as well go all out. Have exams in two days and this is the only thing keeping me sane... So for that I thank you :) don't ever give up writing coz u r extremely talented and if you do I will personally hunt you down and confine you into writing another awsum story (don't forget I'm in adelaide and watch cop shows so this is quite possible ;) xo)
6/6/2012 c11 1Jenna98
i loved the ending, it was a great way to finish an awesome story! can't wait to read your future stories
6/4/2012 c10 Amy
Stupid predictive text! I meant JAGGERED rocks but hey if Jagger owns rocks then they may as well b at the bottom too ;)!
6/4/2012 c10 Amy
Aw, come on! My friend who writes fanfics knows that I HATE cliffhangers but I can accept yours as it means that there's more to come! Sooo good! Me thinks it's Deeks but knowing your excellent writing and plot thoughts I don't know what to expect! There's Jagger's rocks at the bottom of this cliff that's how much I can't wait for the next awesome chapter! :)
6/4/2012 c10 Jenna98
Is it Deeks! that would be awesome but I hope called and kensi get together! please update soon
6/2/2012 c9 Amy
OMG...that was soooo good! I can just picture Callen saying "playing dead are we?":)! Good luck on your PLP assignment, I start mine next semester, so NOT looking forward to it but maybe reading this great story will cheer me up ;)
6/2/2012 c9 Jenna98
Kensi better live! please update soon
6/2/2012 c8 5SP.SVU.B
Haha,, don't worry about it ! It was a really good chapter anyway !
6/1/2012 c8 6Ktime
You gotta stop doing this to me -_- haha

But seriously, great chapter, can't wait for more.
6/1/2012 c8 Amy
Forgot to say, I agree! Shed a tear by the end of sans voir because of Callens reaction and Hetty talking to Lauren!

I think your story's good having the callen m sam older bros n possible Densi going on, very true to the show and so more likely to happen ((hint hint CBS))
6/1/2012 c8 Amy
Wow, such a good story! I live in Adelaide and have exams in 2 weeks but instead of studying I have been reading this awesome story;) but its worth it, especially with the crap weather recently it makes my day :)
6/1/2012 c8 1Jenna98
so i'm confused are callen and kensi together? please update soon!
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