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for Contract of the Shinigami

8h c86 ULoner
Guys, I remember reading this fanfiction and putting it aside. I see that many chapters have come out, can you give me a spoiler, does Naruto have a harem at the time of chapter 86? Or will it be only with Chicken? (Hopefully!) Explain if you don't mind, depending on the answer, I will decide for myself whether it is worth finishing reading
2/20 c2 RandomParadox
Hey, I followed you and this story about 5ish years ago when it was around 40 chapters but somehow all my old authors fell out of my followed, I happen to scroll and see the story doubled and holy shit dude, can’t wait to see how things progress from here
2/20 c86 codywhite162
Excellent work as usual with this story. This is one of my favorites to read
2/19 c86 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
2/19 c86 KakeruPB
Cant blame people for thinking that considering how you ended it, lol! Now Im curious what next? Akatsuki is still out there as well as Kaguya will. I wonder if Naruto can resolved that with little to no blood shed. As long as they talk it should be fine right?
2/19 c86 Golden Wind God
wow i seriously thought that this fic ended
glad it isnt
2/18 c86 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 87.
2/18 c86 fallendemon248
Yes! I thought for sure you were ending the story here but god damn if you didnt make me sweat bullets. Glad to see everyone come back and hopefully this help the nations find peace but Im sure someone gonna try to ruin it
2/18 c86 Autobot-Wolfsketch
This entire section of the story was absolutely insane and incredible I enjoyed every bit of it and it happy that everything worked out in the end. Everyone’s alive the world is back to normal but apparently there’s gonna be apparently another problem coming down the line with them just getting through an apocalyptic event. What else are they going to have to go through? I am definitely looking forward to this and the continuation of the story.
2/18 c86 Guest
You know I saw this story being updated and thought it was the epilogue then I noticed it didn't say complete and thought you were announcing the next story. I did not expect the story continue even after everything else. I look forward to seeing this continue as you increase the stakes... somehow.
2/17 c83 NaruCrazy
The ending of this chapter js legit OP. Lit!
2/15 c40 Guest
2/15 c34 Guest
In what world does a “Champion of Death” lose against a 5th rate nothing burger character like Bee. You showed some promise originally but ultimately to fail to deliver. How pathetic. Return to the nothingness from which to belong.

2/3 c4 hectorballesteroleyvas
vas a continuar en algún momento Naruto invocador de la liga?
2/3 c3 hectorballesteroleyvas
He estado leyendo tus historias por un tiempo y tengo una duda persistente vas a continuar en algún momento Naruto invocador de la liga...
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