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for Contract of the Shinigami

13h c69 ArashiNokitsune
okay this leaves the question if there is going to be some God slaying feats here, if not a butt kicking so bad that one's pride will have a hard time recovering
10/3 c3 Guest
So It's a bs Naruto. he is a waste.
10/2 c69 Trey of the rebellion
Good chapter KG
10/2 c69 codywhite162
Loved the chapter! Excellent work!
10/1 c1 Guest
No offense but I've officially given up on you ever updating anything else and will be removing you from my alerts. I know you probably don't care but this story isn't for me and it's ALL you've been updating.
10/1 c69 3Kang Delis
Let kushina and naruto fight together, please
10/1 c69 777torn777
Well what a away you distinguish Kushina without nerfing anyone else
10/1 c69 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
10/1 c69 fallendemon248
Holy shit like wtf! Awesome but also like wtf!
10/1 c69 Golden Wind God
dude dude dude how in 7 layers of hell are writing this majestic holy fuck i dont know how to describe this chapter , this arc, this fic, hholy shit holy shit thats fucking crazy ass awesome
\everyone this chapter just became the most awesome , greatest chapter ever written or will be written in the entire fanfiction
9/30 c69 Dominic Hawkins
after this fight is over naruto and kushina along with the others are definitely gonna need to relax
9/30 c69 1gunzen
that was cool!


but waywayway cooool.

thanks for showing kushina's strength.

often times she is relegated to housewife/doting mother roles.

that was cool.
9/30 c69 WindyCitySlayer1
Well I just want Kushina to survive
If you kill her off
I’ll be crushed
9/30 c69 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
9/23 c68 Fabio Lismont
Is this story going forward or is at abandoned?
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