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for Contract of the Shinigami

7/24 c67 3Kang Delis
Are we there yet,?
7/24 c67 KakeruPB
Ok I understand the Jashinists were crazy considering the god they worshipped but even for the Shinigami himself wouldn't take this lying down. That is way to many deaths. These guys are seriously out of control.
7/19 c1 handwran
theres a lot of people ragging on sauske here, granted hes totally a dick in the show, but I feel like he wasnt always like that, and if things had gone differently and had he made differe t choices, he could have turned into a better guy.
7/16 c3 WarWaffle
naruto learning shinigami jutsus? hm
Pain:"I'm a God"
Naru:"Well, yeah, no."
7/12 c66 Guest
good chapter
7/7 c66 codywhite162
Loved the chapter and the story! Looking forward to more!
7/6 c1 Daddy
Fucking hell. Only Narutards would say some shit like, “You’re pairing Sasuke with Mikoto? Disgusting!” on a fic in which Naruto is paired up with his Kushina.

Don’t listen to these losers. Quite the hypocritical, emotional bunch they are. They might as well go read self-insert fics since they identify with Naruto so much.

6/26 c66 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
6/26 c66 NaruCrazy
I thought that you were alluding to Mikoto/Sasuke after that heated moment in the last chapter but its confirmed now. Kushina never got to mother Naruto and vice versa. Hence Naru/Kushina is more believable than Sasuke/Mikoto. It looks like you are just doing this draw some sort of parallel between Naruto and Sasuke. This leads me to believe you might be going the way of Ashura/Indra then?

Btw, why would Yuri be allowed to go to Iwa for something as pointless as chunnin exams compared to the threat of Akatsuki that is hanging over her head with everyone knowing how easy it would be for Obito to kidnap her? Do I need to mention that an attempt has already been made to capture her which should lead to more paranoia rather than freedom.

By this I am not saying to lock her in the house. Going on missions keeps her improving, sharp, moving and location a mystery but attending chunnin exams makes her a sitting duck with Genma as her only protection.

I highly doubt that in canon if the chunnin exams were held anywhere aside from Konoha then Naruto would have been allowed to join. Enter plot armor - Konoha chunnin exams - How lucky.

What makes me uncomfortable is how Hyuuga clan agreed to send people to live in Kumo considering the existence of cage bird seal. I don't remember if you changed something wrt to this in your fic, so I am assuming that it is still being used.

Normally the chapters dont have much to comment about but this one was quite interesting, hence the long review. Or maybe I am too lazy most of time, hehehe... CREAM SODA!
6/26 c66 Golden Wind God
sasuke and mikoto ... thats an unusual pairing but cant complain since the reason i started reading this fic because of narutokushina pairing. a nice chapter and great cliffhanger
6/26 c66 Sleepy96
i love this story so much. Glad you keep updating it and putting time and effort in it. Just do whatever you want and f the haters and ppl trying to tell you what to do
6/25 c66 WindyCitySlayer1
Damn Mikoto wants Sasuke
Damn would of love to see Mikoto and naruto get together
Please continue
Can’t wait for more
Awesome chapter
6/25 c66 Guest
I got hooked on this story when he brought Mikoto back, lowkey I expected him to end up with her. Now that you told us about her being with Sasuke I won't be able to read it anymore without feeling disgusted. Don't get me wrong, the story is good but the reason why I started reading fanfiction is because I was sick of the dickriding Uchiha's by Kishimoto. Shame that after years of following a story, I'll drop it because of something like that, but it is a fundamental change that I simply won't be able to accept. Good Luck.
6/25 c64 Guest
you can question whatever you want, I won't be judged by a person who of all people wants to pair up Sasuke with Mikoto, makes my skin crawl with disgust. We don't need even more emotionally retarded Uchiha's.
6/25 c65 Guest
cream soda is mid, truly a trash taste.
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