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for Contract of the Shinigami

6/17 c65 Anton Vlasov
Я прочитал весь твой сюжет идея хорошая но сука столько косяков, что не перечислить . Так же почему Узумаки такой отсталый у тебя в сюжетен и не развивается . Почему не кого не убивал когда это нужно , он призыватель бога смерти, а на деле нытик какой то который не может не кого убить . Его не навидела собственная деревня, врала и постоянно пыталась нагадить . А Узумаки как собаченка выполняла все что ему говорили как будто все то что ему принесла эта деревня не было . У него в голове нет не чего кроме как коноха и я хочу стать хокаге . Так же самый тупой момент который был он рассказал цунаде про свой контракт из за этой тупой бабы все пошло под откос . А дальше можно и не говорить мало того что он даже не продумывал все ,ч то он делал а просто щел на пролом, а потом будь что будет .
6/11 c64 LuizOtavioNT
I apologize if it was difficult to understand because I'm using Google translator for this but I think you understood my message
6/11 c65 LuizOtavioNT
author, although I came out that this is your story and you can do whatever you want with it, I ask that you take it into consideration That many of the readers es feel uncomfortable with the pairing of sasuke and mikoto, so I person that you think well about it before making a mistake of no return, because I'm sure many will stop reading the story because of the Discomfort of your description
5/29 c64 Guest
I love NaruKushi moments 3
5/29 c65 Guest
nice chapter!
5/27 c48 reptoholic
5/27 c47 reptoholic
Here it comesss
5/27 c46 reptoholic
Awesomeee. I really hope if he is betrayed by Konoha they leave to Uzu and make their own village with their Allie’s. Really hope you add more girls to his harem and find some more loyal Uzumaki s
5/27 c45 reptoholic
Harsh lessons. Hope he gets his full power back soon
5/25 c6 LennyFaceSupplier
there boutta be retarded babies here. or would it not do anything considering everybody in the uchiha clan is basically related, same eith hyuuga, same with nara? same with inuzuki? . . . nah incest is normal here i think.
5/25 c4 LennyFaceSupplier
damn depression hit me way too hard. i dont care for incest anymore. i dont even get offended much. i cant remember the last time ive felt offended. sigh. good story.
5/23 c65 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
5/23 c65 Golden Wind God
this keeps getting more awesome as it progresses and better.
5/23 c65 Zoltan-Atreyu
I love this story please keep the updates coming i cant wait to see
5/22 c65 fallendemon248
Plot twist the whole time naruto and his team have actually been aware of the cultist's for some time because the shinigami told naruto and he wants their souls, this whole thing with getting tsunade and the rest of her cabinet involved has just been a big play by naruto to keep the cult guessing and feeling like their in control because they have spies everywhere but really their just playing into naruto and the shinigami's hands... (Insert dramatic reveal music here). Not gonna lie since we know the shinigami is after certain souls like orochimaru because of what they have done I would not be surprised if the cult was another group of people he wants naruto to kill and deliver to him. Love the chapter cant wait to see how this arc ends
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