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for Contract of the Shinigami

4/24 c64 Suparuta no Bushi
Good chapter as always nice plot and a very good structure if i say so myself. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
4/24 c63 NaruCrazy
Pakura was betrayed by Suna and similarly Naruto feels betrayed by Konoha deep down, unknowingly. As a result they bonded better and faster than the other spirits.
4/24 c64 kakaroto1997
good chapter, only naruto x kushina? or also mikoto
4/24 c64 KakeruPB
Hm, well this is interesting. I didn't think this was still possible, thank goodness it is cause this is the only way to fix Naruto problem fast other wise it would take a few years going through the Sage route. Sadly he doesn't have that time so I wasn't sure what you were going to do here.

As for Kumo, how big is the Akatsuki problem right now? That was the reason why in Canon Naruto was able to meet Genbu. I hope it's not anything to ridiculous or crazy. There is enough of that going around as it is.
4/24 c64 Golden Wind God
4/15 c63 Suparuta no Bushi
Man this the best story i have ever read good plot and everything.I WANT MORE! I cannot wait until the update
4/9 c63 tomardo
I hope you keep writing it, i really liked it :D
4/3 c4 Guest
Can you put fem kyuubi x naruto x kushina ?
3/31 c63 ArashiNokitsune
well... ... entire situations just keep hitting the fan hard doesn't it... the hidden Leaf is going to fall apart if not get close to doing so...
3/30 c63 Guest
I want to see Naruto and Kushina's wedding already!
Do you ever plan to write a variations in a mother's love chapter again? maybe after you finish this one?if so I wish it wasn't Harem
3/30 c63 Guest
3/27 c63 2Dre17
keep up good work
3/26 c63 Guest
Are you planning on updating any of your other stories or create a new one? If so a fic where naruto iwa would be cool
3/26 c34 tomardo
I read some comments and i don't really get how people are so dumb. They don't get that he can't use all his power because there are too many people watching him, so then he would have to explain. And remember that he can't kill Bee... I read one comment saying that Naruto could just stop time and kill him... please... then a war would start there bruh, and he don't kill innocent people. Use your brain a little bit.
3/26 c63 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
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