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for In My Daughter's Eyes

6/13/2012 c9 2XxBamzxX
This is a great chapter, think penny is so cute. Please update soon! :)
6/6/2012 c8 47OffMyTea
That last paragraph...


Please, update soon!

I loved it!

6/6/2012 c8 31DeepLittleSOB
Holy crap am I liking this story. Excellent job on the dialogue! That is my favorite thing to find when I read other peoples fics. You definitely know how to keep these characters in their own voices! Thanks so much and I look forward to more!
6/6/2012 c8 2XxBamzxX
Awwww really like this chapter , can't wait to see what happens next. I hope penny and dean see each other soon.
6/6/2012 c8 4Marikili68
I really love your story! please update soon!
5/20/2012 c7 Chazioid
am curious as to why Penny does that to, anyway great chapter, cant wait to find out why the demons are afterher.
5/16/2012 c6 Chazioid
hey, the story is real good, keep up the g

reat work!
5/16/2012 c6 2LadyAislynnWolfe2015
this is good I can't wait for more
5/16/2012 c6 Chazioid
hey, the story is real good, keep up the g

reat work!
5/15/2012 c6 ciara1973
Fantastic. I can imagine how beautiful Penny is. Just imagine Dean and Cassie! :O

And of course Dean can't resist her puppy dog eyes and her pleaing. Sweet!
5/14/2012 c4 5tvj12
Aww, Penny is just adorable, and I'm glad you have Lisa on board. Exciting turn of events with the murder. -tvj12
5/14/2012 c5 8MrsDWinchester-Zen007
Love it! Keep going! I want to know why someone or something after Dean's little girl!
5/13/2012 c3 47OffMyTea
Hmmm...me likey. Please update soon!

5/13/2012 c3 5tvj12
This is a great start to the story. I like Penny, and can't wait to see where you take this. -tvj12
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