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for In My Daughter's Eyes

11/20/2012 c42 Kim Conard
I love Penny so much. Lady is bad. Poor Penny trying to be a good girl. Dean is gonna kill Lady now.
11/10/2012 c41 4Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
Whatt! NO! There are no more chapters for me to read... :( This is so interesting I'm sorry I haven't commented on every chapter but I've been going from one to the next so quick to find out what was going to happen next. This is great. I've said it once, I've said it twice, so I'm going to say it again, I love the way you write, and I love Dean and Penny's relationship. I especially love the dialogue. Your dialogue is fun. I don't know about you, but I hope they get rid of the Lady soon! And I hope Penny learns to eat with a fork haha. I enjoy her quirky behavior. It's so funny that little kids have those small things you try to change and they just flip out. I can't wait to read more. Hope you update soon!
11/9/2012 c9 Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
Oh no! She has to use a spoon! Poor thing... Lol
11/9/2012 c7 Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
This story is so interesting. I love Dean and Penny's relationship.
11/9/2012 c6 Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
Souless Sam is such a douche lol. I wonder what's up with Penny's dreams. Reading more!
11/9/2012 c5 Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
Aww. That was so sweet. Dean protecting little Penny. I loved the whole interaction there with both parents fighting over their kid.
11/9/2012 c4 Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
Yikes! Curious... onto the next chap! Good writing, btw. I'm definitely into the story.
11/9/2012 c2 Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
Mhm... Interesting. Wonder what that was all about. Can't wait to read more... Onto the next chapter.
11/9/2012 c1 Green-Eyed-Wolf9324
Wow... Just to let you know, I was thinking this morning, hey, I'm going to start writing a Dean/daughter story, and out of all the ideas I was trying to put together, I came up with, well, maybe I'll write one when he's living with Dean, and he ended up having a daughter with Cassie... Good thing I didn't start writing! Haha. Now I'm back to the drawing board, but I'm enjoying this so far! Good job!
11/3/2012 c41 Kim Conard
Great chapter. Very sweet. Love the conversation between Dean and Penny about love. Ferrah is a little girl. What a tantrum. Jeesh! Wanted to smack her for trying to sabotage Dean's disciplining Penny.
11/1/2012 c41 GloomDusk
Ferrah comes off so crazy and desperate all the time.
11/1/2012 c41 Mayrem
I think i got something in my eye… that was so freaking sad but mostly cute!
Please dont stop updating :)
10/31/2012 c41 31DeepLittleSOB
And that last line sufficiently killed me! Love it! Now I really can't wait to see what's next for the lady and for Cas!

I love this story, have I told you that lately!?
10/31/2012 c41 2XxBamzxX
awwww thats so cute , please update soon! :)
10/31/2012 c41 Des
I read all chapters in a few days and I really love your story. You did a great job with the topic of giving Dean a daughter. It's not an easy task. Penny is adorable, I am completely in love with her. I hope there are many chapters left, so that we can see more from her and Dean's way to fullfil the father role.
And I would like to compliment you on the way to wrote about soulless Sam. I think that's one of the most difficult things to describe and you did it very well. I also like the way you are embedding your story in the general Supernatural timeline without telling to much about the actual episodes.
Keep up the good work and I look forward for the next update!
- Des
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