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for In My Daughter's Eyes

9/30/2012 c33 24SLPikachu
I just spent half my weekend reading this entire thing! This is so good! I can't wait to read more! Awesome job! Penny is so cute!
9/30/2012 c33 31DeepLittleSOB
What the hell is going on here!? You sure know how to keep a reader coming back! Interesting chapter! Thanks for the continued great read and awesome story!
9/30/2012 c33 2XxBamzxX
good chapter , please update soon! :)
9/29/2012 c33 GloomDusk
Aww! Penny is such a chatty little girl, lol. I'm kind of conflicted on Ferrah. I feel partly bad for her because in her mind, all the evil things she did where for "the greater good" but a bigger part of me feels that she's needs to be put down like the crazy she is.
9/25/2012 c5 Guest
sweet yet scary at the same time... 'what' is up with this little girl? next!
9/25/2012 c3 Guest
lol laughing at the donate an arm part...
9/25/2012 c2 Guest
love Penny already!
9/25/2012 c1 Guest
oooo getting exciting. dean's a daddy... and hopefully not to some freaky miracle-gro amazonian again.
really like your writing style Ari. ok see you at the end of the next chappie.
9/24/2012 c32 31DeepLittleSOB
YES! I really like this tie in here! I love that you are taking the big picture and tweaking it and incorporating it into your version of the story. I feel that many times writers forget to do that, include all the larger plot points in their own way. I like what you're doing here, and I am in it to win it.

Totally digging this story, dude!
9/24/2012 c32 Kim Conard
You have done so well intertwining the real show with your story. I like the Peri idea. I've wondered why they haven't used the class of "guardian" angel on the show since they have shown others like arch angels and cupids and the standard soldier type. I like your twist of a "twisted" angel - kind of like what Cas became. Hate her manipulating Dean and sweet Penny, but... Can't wait to read how this all ends. Keep up the good work.
9/24/2012 c32 2XxBamzxX
great chapter, please update soon! :)
9/24/2012 c32 46wandertogondor
Aha, Crowley is such a primadonna :) Poor Cas, he'd do ANYTHING for Dean.
9/24/2012 c32 GloomDusk
It's good that Cas finally realized that hurting Ferrah is hurting Penny. Once the bond is broken, Ferrah can be eliminated. It's sad that Ferrah is such a crazy bitch. She did do some great things for Dean & Sam but she did worst things to Penny by killing her mother Cassie and grandmother.
9/23/2012 c31 wandertogondor
This is such an amazing story! I was grinning like a madman while I was reading the part when they were watching The Little Mermaid...you truly have a talent! Waiting for the next chapter :)
9/21/2012 c31 GloomDusk
Aww, this was a really cute chapter! I loved the part were the Winchesters watched "The Little Mermaid" together, lol :D. It seems that Cas has finally caught up to Ferrah.
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