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for It Happens to a Lot of Guys

8/8/2019 c1 Guest
Fucking stupid story
1/4/2015 c1 22honeyandvodka
I'm sure I've read this one before! Delightful and fun!
11/29/2014 c1 81Garrae
Snigger. That's a nice way of doing it. Very - er - misleading.
4/11/2014 c1 Bookish0278
Great ending!
12/1/2013 c1 30The-KLF
Soufflés are over-rated anyway! Pancakes are much more tasty!
11/23/2013 c1 41Ky03elk
Oh damn, laughing so hard even guessing that it was 'his' problem they were talking about, still had me in stitches! Loved the banter and the little moments that you included like this

the soft digits fondle the shells as gently as they used to grab them roughly, back in the days when Kate was this driven young detective and Castle was her annoying tag-along.

such a contrast and such a nice way to show how they have evolved!
10/25/2013 c1 17ebfiddler
Hahahahaha! Very good! You got me.
9/28/2013 c1 Berserkerofhell
lol I loved this.
7/29/2013 c1 26Nyxia
Je me permets de te laisser une review en francais, puisque tu as fait de même sur ma fic ! ;)

AAahh, j'ai adoré ! :D Évidement, mon cerveau avait imaginé autre chose et Bam! said the lady, la révélation à la toute fin, dernière phrase! ;)
Très bien construit, et je suis totalement jalouse de ta fluidité en anglais ! :)

Keep the good work girl ! ;)

2/17/2013 c1 101Liv Wilder
So, this was fun! Finally got around to reading and I didn't guess the souffle until two-thirds of the way through, so kudos for keeping me teased and spoiler free!

Amazing writing too, and 'corpus delicti'? Never seen that used in a fic before.

Great job, B!

11/12/2012 c1 11demuredemeanor
Oh this was funny. While my morbid mind guesses these twists, this one was still gripping through the whole thing. Plus - really wanted it to be the other for the humour. But Castle is lucky ;)
10/17/2012 c1 41Docnerd89
Bahahhaha. You had me worried for about 2 paragraphs..
:) Fun read! Well done.
9/19/2012 c1 18The Keddster
Bahahaha. Forget my PM - you are the one making people laugh. Love this
5/18/2012 c1 4Elc51
ROFLMAO! Great job.
5/16/2012 c1 SeannysMom
Too funny ! Thanks !
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