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for Deliver Us from Sorrow's Hold

11/26 c13 Konyo
After all these years I still return here, hoping you might update. This story has truly been one of my all time faves and I think always will be :) thank you
10/2 c13 JeSauce
Is this dead? is the fic dead? Pls no not again!
8/19 c4 1TotallyNotASerialKiller
Harry: “A legendary foe, to be treated with EXTREME CAUTION.”
Also Harry: *tries to punch Sebastian in the face*
7/26 c13 aristefalvarez
Dios! Necesito una actualización de este libro! Esta buenísimo! Porfavor cuando tenga tiempo, ganas y inspiración actualizar este fanfiction
7/18 c1 Cosmosflower
Hello! Could i translate your story?
7/2 c13 HaiToSenpai
This was amazing the whole way through
6/30 c13 Lulukitsune
Found it in the hp/bb crossover most followed fics, truly worth the ratings. Great plot and Sev is as hot as ever Hope it's picked up again...
THANK YOU Author-sama
5/15 c13 Kat13
I wish this was still being updated
5/11 c13 Doceeris
I sincerely think it is one of the best writing, on a plot or writing level, that I have read. This crossover had never crossed me before but it's an understatement to say that it was a pleasant surprise. I loved every chapter, I loved every thoughts or lines of these characters so well written. I don't expect to see a sequel when I see the latest publication date, but if the author ever comes back that way, you need to know that your work is absolutely brilliant and that I will definitely be re-reading this fiction. Thank you for having me discover this xover, this Harry that I adore and all your imagination.
4/20 c13 Kurosaki Yukia
O. YOU CAN'T END THIS HERE OMGGGGGGAAAAHHHHH Seb actually chosed Harry omggggggggg

THIS IS SUCH A BRILLIANT STORY OMGGG I'm totally entralled! Please please please pleaaaaaassseeeeee tell me you're continuing this!
3/9 c13 1Annie-Ve
ngl i don't know what to write here but.. OMG i love the plot and the way you mold (or build?) all character here such ahh.. *chef kiss*
p.s please tell me this is not abandoned
2/6 c13 Jade
Gah, still love this series even after not reading it for a year or two; not currently on my account but I’m pretty sure I already followed so I doubt it makes a difference; I know you’re not completely inactive since you’ve got that one Harry Potter fic with Harry being an..unspeakable with among other things as a child? Tried reading it a while back but didn’t really grab my attention like this did with the way Harry’s portrayed, but it was written well regardless. Kinda curious where this would go to as well, hearing that Malphas only had Harry as a potential mate was because he still had some ‘good’ in him, so I can only imagine where the struggle with that realization would have gone. Also feel really bad for Harry, gotta sympathize when he’s affected more than he was expecting by the betrayals and abandoning by Ciel and Sebastian, jaded man didn’t even realize he was letting his barriers down too much until it was too late. All in all, this still stands as one of my preferred fanfics of this crossover type, writing is good, characters are fun to watch interact, and I’d love to see more someday even if it has been 7 or so years. Thanks for writing this way back when!
1/28 c13 Guest
1/27 c13 Mr.FerretMalfoy
Aww, please PLEASE continue this I am willing to wait. I just told myself that I really shouldn't read an incomplete story and I did it anyways. But this is unbelivable good written, so I beg you after seven years without an update. If you have time or just want to write a chapter, could you do it? Please with sugar, chocolate and strawberries. I just can't. But thanks, for writing
1/22 c13 IKaitoChanI
Amazing story, hope you'll finish this one day.
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