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for Deliver Us from Sorrow's Hold

11/16/2023 c1 3Vrea Ana
Hi again, it's already 10 years and I still come back here. I'm happy with your Triloka series books, hope everything doing well
8/15/2023 c3 yourfoxydope
cringe shit
2/11/2023 c13 Elementalkitsuneangel
i do hope you come back to this story. I want to see harry finally start enjoying his life and flourish.
1/9/2023 c13 APridefulSin
8/13/2022 c13 kristinamanga
je veux la suite ! XD
8/2/2022 c13 AytiFox
6/22/2022 c13 19Teardrop94
I freaking despise angst, especially with a story that doesn't continue and cure me of that damned angst with good things. I was only marginally satisfied to see who Sebastian chose, but I guess that'll have to do seeing as you won't continue this. If you do, that'll be a miracle seeing as stories even this old rarely get continued or rewritten.

I will commend you on the emotional twisting about, though. That's the only reason it was tolerable. I really should have seen that Death would try to twist around Harry's thoughts and emotions- Fuck him. Harry in this chapter though? Dear God, the way you described what he shouldn't have felt... That literally hurt. It's why I can't tolerate angst, even at this level.

Pathetic, I know.

But I've always loved a good Sebas-pairing in any story, where it shows he does have some good in him even if he chooses not to believe it.

Thanks for what you've done so far!

6/6/2022 c13 Kylad558
I am disappointed to see this will most likely not be continued. I liked it but I am unsatisfied with how it ended. I would be more pleased if there was a second part but I doubt it.
1/14/2022 c12 Taggg
I wouldn't say this chapter had more religious stuff than others, what with Harry's anxieties about 'purity' and corruption by having sex with demons.
Whether Malphas was lying or not, Death (UGH, Michael) is def a suspicious chap! and all his golden haired, blue eyed visage...

Loved Undertaker and Claudia subplot, their mysteries are a hot theme from canon _ poor Harry, really traumatized by horcruxes lol

Kinda sad that Ciel didn't get to see wizarding world. And use the Stone I guess!

There is still a mystery over which demon charmed the hallows...
1/11/2022 c13 6TheMashMonster
Holy shite. This story though. I'm in love. I hope you're extremely well and writing for a living because your skills are awesome! I selfishly hope that you return to this story!
1/10/2022 c13 Millianna07
Wow! This was incredible! The plot is amazing and so creative. I don't know if you ever plan on updating, but if you do, know you have an avid reader here! This was my first Harry/Sebastian fic and it was an amazing introduction into the possibilities of their relationship. I've started rewatching HP and searching for more of this pairing. I'm addicted lol I'm most likely going to go look at your other fics now too! Thank you for publishing this fic, even if this was the ending of it. The angst at the end here really got my heart hurting and me feeling so bad for Harry. He does not deserve that betrayal and the belief he was abandoned down there. But, anyways, I hope you are doing well and staying safe! Thank you again!
11/26/2021 c13 Konyo
After all these years I still return here, hoping you might update. This story has truly been one of my all time faves and I think always will be :) thank you
10/2/2021 c13 JeSauce
Is this dead? is the fic dead? Pls no not again!
8/19/2021 c4 1TotallyNotASerialKiller
Harry: “A legendary foe, to be treated with EXTREME CAUTION.”
Also Harry: *tries to punch Sebastian in the face*
7/26/2021 c13 aristefalvarez
Dios! Necesito una actualización de este libro! Esta buenísimo! Porfavor cuando tenga tiempo, ganas y inspiración actualizar este fanfiction
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