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12/9/2020 c1 Lilyzinha
Amazing, just so amazing, i never coukd imagine ginny's pov like this
10/27/2020 c1 Funbunnypotter26
I always feel so sad fo Ginny just because of how the (unintentionally) shut her out.

You captured it so well
7/7/2020 c1 Guest
sweet and emotional !
6/28/2020 c1 Guest
I do really like this fic. There are people who say that this is more of a three way marriage (it kinda is in my mind too, but I have no problem with this..like at a l l. It’s one of the reasons I read this (I’ve been on a trio/ triad binge, for the past 24 hours. I know, not the intention)). Or that Harry wouldn’t do that, because when you get married, that it’s supposed to be like you and your partner become one, but I kinda think that’s the point. How that didn’t really and completely happen like it was supposed to.
I am aware that you stressed the Brother/Sister thing, but in my ( D) mind, this happened because Rowling forced it just a tad.

Well, this was a good fic, and it sedates my weird...(feeling/urge/desire) and it makes me happy. Nobody will tell me otherwise. Sorry if this comment offends anyone in anyway. And you did a really good job on this fic, author.
3/9/2020 c1 ana
love love LOVE this fic! i don't know why some reviewers are saying this isn't a good view of their relationships - because in my opinion, the trio will always ALWAYS have something nobody else in the world has. there was a year where they were each others everything, and that cant be erased even when you marry someone. live the way you wrote this, i wish more fics acknowledged the trio relationship better :,))
7/13/2019 c1 35MarbleWolf
really liked this. I feel a tad sorry for Ginny but the Golden Trio is just it. They balance eachother and don't really need anyone else
1/18/2019 c1 Ilona
11/22/2018 c1 Guest
Sorry but this feels less like friendship and more a three way marriage, I can see Ginny trying to be understanding and all but even she is human and has her llmits, I can't see Ginny being happy this way with harry,like you said she is independent and stands up for herself can't imagine her being content with always coming second and honestly she shouldn't be. If this is the type of relationship harry/Ginny have it'll be a very unhappy/unhealthy one.
Nice to know you appreciate their friendship but you treated other relationships with blatant disregard be it ginny-ron as siblings ( you can't say that Ginny was in any less pain or don't understand how Hermoine and harry are feeling on seeing his brother in hospital bed)or harry/Ginny as husband and wife. And I can't see harry treating Ginny like this, he knows how much it hurts to be ignored and overlooked , he won't do same to Ginny.
You know why Sirius was so important to harry he was not only the link to his parents but also was someone whose first priority was harry, someone ( to call) his ,and harry never had that before Sirius (despite his friends and Weasleys) and that's what harry craves and wants. Later on that's exactly what he has with Ginny and you shouldn't underestimate that .And that's why despite his deep and long and beautiful friendship with Ron and Hermione ,Ginny was his last thought before being hit with the killing curse.
10/28/2018 c1 grangerssoul
oh god, i love this so muchh! it probably was like that, hermione sleeping in their room after war, them being extra close!i just adore this fanfic
9/26/2018 c1 LadyAdnanref
Eu estou chorando muito cara
10/31/2016 c1 1Luna and Ginny
I love this story so much. The way that Harry, Ron and Hermione remain so close is often overlooked in fanfiction. I love the way that Ginny progressively stops being jealous of their bond and accepts that while she may never be a part of it, she is still important to all three of them. I love the ending so much. :) Just like Harry and Ginny have a special bond and Ron and Hermione have a special bond, all four of them are important to each other. Good job.
10/17/2016 c1 Just-Granger-ine
sad... but beautiful
6/6/2016 c1 purpleradiance
i love the way you wrote the trio. its like they're parts of the same person
5/1/2016 c1 91Queen Bookworm the First
Beautifully written! I love this!
4/17/2016 c1 banzi
I enjoyed this story.
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