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9/23/2018 c4 ginabowman2005
Thank you, I think I needed this breakdown.
3/25/2013 c16 jpitt
great story, Jenny and Haley are just evil
3/25/2013 c16 Hana99
OMG! Jenny is such a bitch! God u have to update, my life depends on it! Love this story! ;)
3/23/2013 c15 Hana99
Awww! PLz Update! that was a really short chapter! Didnt tell me anything i didnt know! so I'm BEGGING
u plz UPDATE! Loving this story!
3/9/2013 c1 Rosie- Hathaway- Mazur
Update soon please, I would like to see Jack's reaction along with Jenny's and the rest of theirs.
1/27/2013 c14 Bookaholic
I like the story please continue
1/27/2013 c1 Rosie-Hathaway
I like this story a lot, what I don't get is why Jack doesn't recognize Lola by her voice and name at first. If he had been obsessed about her calling, he wouldn't forget her so fast. Other than that it's awesome! Pleeeease update more often!:)
1/26/2013 c14 hope
Love Lola and Vanessa. Update soon can't wait please
1/25/2013 c14 Hana99
OMG! PLz update! I cant wait for the next chapter! I'm loving this story! :D UPDATE ASAP!
1/1/2013 c13 Guest
I like the story update soon please
12/21/2012 c13 Hana99
Please update ASAP! :)
12/16/2012 c13 Guest
LOVE IT! when will chapter 14 be finished?
12/16/2012 c13 Guest
Really enjoyed this. Poor Lola. Update soon
11/28/2012 c12 hope
better watch out Jenny. Lola's back soon
11/27/2012 c12 Guest
Update sooon
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