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for Haruno Sakura: Crystal Technique!

9/22 c11 9Nikooru-sama
I really liked how this story was going, and I admit as you have stated - Sakura was becoming OP but it didn't matter for me XD anyway, its completely up to you on how you're gonna develop it from now, with splitting it into two stories. So I really look forward to it! :D I hope that you'll be able to make those stories soon :)
7/19 c11 k.a
your story is great... no.. it's fabulous! updateeeddd pleaseeeee... and can you made it sakumulti... pleaseeeee
6/13 c11 Diren
I look forward to the new fanfic.
5/25 c3 sexyblossom08
Is Sakura Haruno wealthy heiress of the Haruno Clan?
4/25 c11 Cherryblossom21
so in 4 days it would be like a year after my last review for this fic.
im dissappointed in you, at first i was like okay because youre going to post the splitted fics of this fic, and ive been waiting for it like a year minus 4 days, and youre not posting itttttt
please for the sake of your reader who love this fic continue this fic or publish your splitted fics.
thank you
and keep up the good work
i reread this fic anyway hehe
3/17 c11 2Infinite Ways To Insanity
Alex! Please don't give up on this FanFiction! I love it!
3/16 c1 Infinite Ways To Insanity
I like it :)
12/13/2014 c1 6Sakura-Hinata-Akatsuki
great start!
12/1/2014 c11 MehGustah
Why would you do that? None of us (the other readers) are complaining about your story/fanfic, infact they are begging you to continue this story/fanfic... Please Update!
9/9/2014 c11 Guest
that was awsome continued please
8/22/2014 c11 MissGoogleMe
please please please update... I dont care how your power housing sakura... Or how she and the others are kind oc and stuff... A lot of people likes this story so please please please update
8/12/2014 c11 Luna Charmcaster
Nooooo! I really loved this story you did a great job so please tell me or reply me when the story is finished revised or updated
8/1/2014 c5 Guest
Sasuke: last Uchiha heir.
Itachi is still ANUBA?
7/1/2014 c11 zombiekins5948
F###k you. That was a perfect story that you just threw away. You better go back to it. I love this story. I don't care about your complaining. I like this story just as much as everyone else who read this. So please don't this to me
6/4/2014 c11 Guest
Please update! Or atleast give the story to someone who would like to continue this story
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