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6/7/2012 c1 1CourageConConfidence
This is really good too! I read so many Harry Potter fan fictions it's hard to find one that has a unique story line & this one did! I enjoyed it immensley! OK I'll save the rest of your stories for another day, because you're probably getting annoyed with all of my Reviews.
5/19/2012 c1 8PSdancer54
That was really sweet! Great job!
5/17/2012 c1 44TheShortOne1993
I absolutely LOVE it when writers have different scenes with the same characters and themes but different time frames.

It feels like their is a connection, which o course is the whole point...but it's just so artistic and makes you such a professional and sophisticated writer!

I've got so accustomed to your short 100 word drabbles that this was a genuine surprise and a delightful discovery too see a longer piece by you.

You like romione, it's obvious, because you put so much care into writing this!

I loved it...so thank you :)
5/16/2012 c1 1runacmoc
aw, what a lovely fic. fantastic job! :)
5/16/2012 c1 1marauderina
I did enjoy it! I love Ron/Hermione, and I think it's really hard to find good fanfics on that couple. I mean GOOD fanfics. Most of them are too poorly written for me (I have high standards in that respect), or too...un-cannon like. I mean, I respect that this is FANFICTION and all, but still...

And guess what? You've given me inspiration! I started writing a Ron/Hermione/OC (NOT THREESOME! More like a love triangle) one-shot. The OC was Harry Potter's twin sister...and I suppose I'll leave it at that. You can read it if you'd like. :) But my point is that you gave me inspiration to continue it!

Thank you. And again, I really liked this story. I can't even find anything I'd change! (Because I always try to give constructive critisicm, as I personally like that even more than simply positive reviews.) :D
5/16/2012 c1 8eDiNbUrgh
I liked it. I really did. And Ron being a puzzle ... So brilliant, because he is. Great work!
5/15/2012 c1 22PrioritiesSorted
Very sweet, I liked it :)

5/15/2012 c1 17GingerPygmy99
awwww rons line was so good "put the pieces back together" :D he he and ron having the ice cream cone i LOL'ed :P

great for a one shot
5/15/2012 c1 alohamora080
Sorry, I forgot to include this in my previous review! I just wanted to let you know that you mixed up the date in the second vignette. You accidentally put August 2, "1985" instead of August 2, "1995."

Nothing major! I just thought you might want to fix it. :) Well done, once again!
5/15/2012 c1 51Alohaemora
FDIJflkda OH MY GOSH THIS WAS SO UTTERLY LOVELY. Really, everything about this was beautiful, from the idea of Hermione liking puzzles, to Ron turning the tables on her, in the last vignette. My favorite bits were Ron's explanation as to where Harry was in the last moment (I started giggling) and the part when Hermione says, "That may be the most… romantic thing you've ever said, Ronald." Bwahahaha XD These two are the best!

Lovely work here! I enjoyed it thoroughly!
5/15/2012 c1 don't meet your heroes
You've done it AGAIN. I love this. :)
5/14/2012 c1 15xXxVioletSkyxXx
I'm sorry, but not reviewing a story like this is a crime:)

I really liked it! And yes, Ron/Hermione stuff is my favourite too.

What I really liked as a detail was the changing dates. A cool idea, I did something similar awhile ago.

Thanks for writing this, and keep writing!



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