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6/6/2012 c5 Hishamori
This is a very good story.

And it's not smut or the normal pairings that you see everyday and it is not more dang yaoi that has been the only real thing popping up on this.

Great job and glad to see an actual story that is new and refreshing instead of a copy and paste thing that has been going on for months. and a whole bunch of yaoi fanfics that are really getting on my nerves. But regardless of that again good story.
6/6/2012 c5 5MysticTraveller
this was amazing, everything was perfect really- emotions, turmoil, doubt, just perfectly done, i'm really enjoying this story and i can't wait for the next chapter!
6/6/2012 c5 5uzumaki-kun
this no what i have in mind, so no more uzumaki's. What a shamed. This history i really good but it will be nice to naruto to have is own childrens... please continue i waiting!
6/6/2012 c5 2Reyana00
Another excellent chapter. I really am looking forward to seeing how having Tsubaki in his life to love and help guide him might change Naruto and the way he reacts to all the crazy events he has to deal with.

I do wonder if you are setting something up with the Kyuubi's chakra in her body and being unable to conceive. I have a feeling that they might end up having a natural child somehow in spite of that fact, but I could be way off base.

Either way your writing is brilliant as always. I found no grammar or spelling errors. You are one of the best technical writers on the site, or you have a very good beta.

Keep up the great work, I am looking forward to reading more of this excellent story.
6/6/2012 c5 1Kaiba1288
This is an awesome story you are a very good writer,

Good luck with this & any others you may write.

Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

Peace & Jah Bless

6/6/2012 c5 Krsnik02
Great story keep it up update soon!
6/6/2012 c5 sabery
I love this so much . I a little sad that Tsubaki can't give children to Naruto i think Naruto should resolve that problem of fertelity with Kyubi. I have to see the express of the people when they found out they are togheter . Tsunade would pe happy for them . The rest i know . This paraing is Rare and the complexity of romance is in depth and love . Wait for the next chapter
6/6/2012 c5 20SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan
lol awkward
6/5/2012 c5 Key to Chaos
Beautiful chapter, i swear if ff net removes stories like these i'm sending them some hate mail. About Tsubaki's fertility could Naruto remove the Kyuubi's chapter from her system? or maybe being with Naruto's body having Kyuubi chakra running through it he can still make her pregnant? that would be a funny scene lol.
6/5/2012 c5 Savoxgut
yeah another chapter, hehehehe, pretty good, and I think reflective, besides sentimental, some interesting things were mentioned, but I think you have something planned for that

I'll be waiting for the next chapter

6/5/2012 c5 17vanished flame
yay more great chapters. keep up the good work
6/5/2012 c5 JKArcanus
Wonder chapter! I loved how they opened up to each other. You ended it on a great note too. I can't wait to see what Tsunade has to say to them(though i know whatever it is she'll be ecstatic for them). Keep up the good work.
6/5/2012 c5 jgreek
great chapter hope the next comes out soon
6/5/2012 c5 25Juubi no Shinju
Great chapter, I can already tell that things are going to heat up greatly now that the two are a couple. Also if you have heard to the rumor, join our cause! We must unite to prevent the deletion of M rated stories!
6/5/2012 c5 fanficreader71
Great chapter, I enjoyed reading it and I will be looking forward to reading your next update. It's kinda sad about Tsubaki condition and I kinda hope you come up with some kinda cure for her. Not that there is a problem with Adoption
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