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5/17/2012 c4 3a.marsh55
Read all 4 chapters and I gotta say just as good as to really know someone mainly for two reason one very rare pairing from what I've seen in other stories with rare pairings it doesn't last long and their Is no true substance behind it but your's does and I love that, and two I LOVE how someone finally adresses the whole Sakura randomly hitting problem Sakura got what she deserved I wish stories would adress this more often good job and keep it up it's great story very enjoyable update soon:)
5/17/2012 c4 3Sabaku Ookami
Talk about a tear-jerker... a decent lemon though I sort of skipped it as well the sad parts didn't make me feel like seeing the two... you know.

T_T *goes off to cry*
5/17/2012 c4 jgreek
great story keep it up
5/17/2012 c4 8xxAkuxx
This was interesting. I want to see how Sakura is tho, she was just told to stay the fuck away. This chapter was great tho. Can't wait for more.
5/17/2012 c4 Mzr90
Nice chapter and I really like the direction you went with Sakura's actions most authors just see her abuse as a joke and such but you showed how it had serious actions to Naruto's health and glad to see Tsubaki's taken over as apprentice.

Bit surpise by the quickness of this but I'm glad that their together now or whatever but I can see this have a serious affect now Sakura can get jealous of this women who took her postion and has her former teammate,Hinata can blow a fuse when some relative stranger is closer to Naruto than her and finally I can see Tsubaki be a target for the Akatsuki now if anyone discovers the truth.

Anyway I'm glad I found this and I hope if you do make a another story I hope you use one of the rarer or anime only girls again like Koyuki,Amaru,Yakumo,Isarabi and Shizuka hope to see more soon.
5/17/2012 c3 Mzr90
So yeah pretty sad with Kasumi but glad something positive can come out of it with Tsubaki and glad she has found a friend with Tsunade and funny meeting with her and Naruto and Jiraiya. I'm glad to see Naruto finally let go of the banshee I hope he'll realize what's in front of him soon.
5/17/2012 c2 Mzr90
Nice chapter like how were seeing most of this in Tsubaki's POV though I hope we'll see Naruto' soon. The hospital part was nice with the thank you note and such pretty funny how Jiraiya's insinuating Naruto has a crush.
5/17/2012 c1 Mzr90
So I just found this and have to say this is pretty cool and a really rare pairing probaly the first of this kind when I think of a rare one I think Shizuka or Amaru anyway great start and like how one little moment can change someones opinion.
5/17/2012 c4 Kyukon
Thanks for the update.

Wow, I think this is the first time I see there's a percussion for the whole hitting-for-what-she-thinks-being-stupid. Most of the authors just brush it of as humor.

Keep up the good work.
5/17/2012 c3 davethedark
great chapter :D

and... welll... update soon :_D
5/17/2012 c3 20SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan
hmm i have one concern, is this going to remain purely fluff or are you going to develop it more if you know what i mean?
5/16/2012 c3 5MysticTraveller
again a great chapter, i had a feeling something will happem to Ami and Kasumi just not what but it was a good catalyst for tsubaki's growth as a person, i also like tsubaki's sisterly relationship with tsunade, that is sth. I definitely didn't see coming and her determination to better herself and become a great ninja is also nicely portrayed, you gave her a goal in life which is naruto :) their meeting was written as it should be, i'm glad you are taking time with their relationship and not rushing it like most usually do, anyway thanks for the fast update and i hope to see more
5/16/2012 c3 6Naruto6023
Well, I'm liking the story...I' really am. But...in this chapter, honestly speaking, I' think the meeting between Naruto and Tsubaki was lacking. And I' know you could've written better than that...it's just that I' think you hurried through it. The pre-meeting development was excellent, but the way they met up...things felt a bit rushed for me.

This may the first criticism for this story? But I'm just telling what I' honestly feel about the situation...its just that I' see SO much potential in Naruto and Tsubaki's first meeting with the way you set things up, and I' think you kinda didn't exploit it fully.

Also, it would be better if you start using honorifics instead of straight names. Naruto should've called 'Tsubaki-san' instead of her first name, if you want him to show more respect, you could've had him call 'Kenpi-san'...just saying that skillful use of honorofics can help so much in the romance department.

Other than that, this story has a good start and I' look forward to the next update my friend! :D

So keep writing, take care and UPDATE soon! XD

5/16/2012 c2 Naruto6023
Well, I'm loving the story so far. I' can say much more now, but the thing is...I'm dying to read the next chapter lol. So see you soon! :D

5/16/2012 c1 Naruto6023

Don't you dare stop writing this story man...now I'm addicted to this stuff! A definite original in Naruto fandom! Just please don't stop! I'm really loving this so far!

Only request is, when the time comes, make sure to put in some lemons ne? You don't to hurry their relationship, I' like fluff anyway!

Please continue this friend. I' love your stories! :D

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