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6/28/2012 c6 Kyukon
... And I thought you wouldn't involve Hinata and Sakura. I don't know if I should feel anticipation or dread regarding that. Oh well, Tsunade will give them smack down later on.

Keep up the good work.
6/28/2012 c6 twell101
I like this story pretty well right now, and the idea is oringinal, I have never read anythin like this pairing in the thousands of naruto stories I have seen so far. (Not read just browsed the descriptions) Keep up the good work and I await your next update
6/28/2012 c6 Guest
I love everything about this story, maybe at some point they can go on a mission together so she can see him in action? Either way I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
6/28/2012 c6 KokuenDG
Trouble in paradise seems to be coming for the newly made couple doesn't it? Anyway great chapter like always and I was reading this while listening to Kngdom hearts dustep. I don't know why, it helped me get more into the story. But yeah, I hope you update soon because I can't wait for shit to hit the fan in this situation!
6/28/2012 c6 20SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan
nice but wow sakura and hinata are so pathetic and deluded hence why i hate sticking naruto with them it just doesn't work.
6/28/2012 c6 Key to Chaos
that was a beautifully done date scene, and i laughed at how you had Tsubaki scare off Tsunade.

Looking forward to Hinata getting a reality slap when someone points out how she's just using Naruto as a crutch, which you made even more obvious with that little section this chapter.
6/28/2012 c6 3a.marsh55
That was a good healing chapter update soon
6/28/2012 c6 5MysticTraveller
awesome, pure entertaintment, i don't know how you do it but this story gets better and better with each chapter, you are awesome :) props for the lovesicle idea, i really liked it and it fit perfectly with the scene and the mood :) the only thing i hated was the fact that the chapter ended so please update soon ;)
6/28/2012 c6 sabery
Wait the worth for a new chapter perfect done . i dont know what the right give Sakura and Hinata to be with Naruto i tell none zero . 1 sakura only know to hit naruto all the time and aspect something from naruto wrong . want tsunade to give her a mega puch to wake her up . 2 hinata is a stalker .
6/28/2012 c6 9MegaDarkly
This was awesome. Good moments and other things. I'm glad you updated. :)
6/28/2012 c6 007420
good work
6/28/2012 c6 3Sabaku Ookami
...dude, you went power-crazy for a minute there at the end, but yay update :3

And as for Sakura... I have an man-eating gerbil just waiting for something pink to... 'trip' into it. :D
6/28/2012 c3 DarthVerus
Good story. Well written and grammar is great. Keep up the good work.
6/28/2012 c5 rescue 007
I wish more authors wrote story's like you. No unnecessary descriptions, nothing that doesn't stray from the main plot, timeskips just when they are needed and just the right amount of suspense. This is the best story I have ever read on fanfiction after 2 years or reading naruto fanfics. And it's only on chapter 5! I most certainly look forward to reading this story more.
6/27/2012 c5 5vsizzel
I just finished reading it and I must say very impressive my friend. Its a defiantly different idea, and I very much enjoy reading the four chapters you have out so far. I like the idea of another person, civilian looking at Naruto and seeing pain, and rethinking about their view, I believed the looking at Naruto eyes and seeing pain has been used before, but this is the first time I seen it in a civilian, since usually its used on already Naruto characters like Ino, Anko, etc. I also like the realistic view you put in it, with the injuries caused on Naruto by Sakura's punches, and giving Tsunade a good friend and drinking partner other than Jiraiya.

I also like what you did with Tsubaki overall. I liked how you made her realize the pain in Naruto and sort of reflect it with herself having the same pain though not as strong as Naruto, and making her reevaluate herself, after seeing the accomplishments of Naruto and they way she saw the village look at him. Also liked how you made her into a more 'kunoichi', with training hard, and being non fan girl, but I'm guessing that came with herself growing during war and growing fast. At least she tired to tell her daughter to train more, though her daughter didn't listen to her.

I was a little confused reading at first since it short of went into a different scene, or time line (future), but I got used to it quickly, and like your transition to each scene, and it makes scene since in the beginning they are Tsubaki's thought of Naruto and the only time she can really rethink her judgments are on events like the chunin exams etc.

Overall great job, it was a very enjoyable read and hope to see some more.

Nice small scene by the way.

This is an addition since I just finished the fifth chapter. Nice chapter my friend. I like the overall chapter a way for Tsubaki and Naruto to get to further enhance their relationship, and I guess confess their feelings for each other.

Hope to see some more soon! Keep up the great work!
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