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12/2/2014 c5 9 fan
THIS STORY IS SMASHING! Keep up the good work my friend! And god be with you. :)
9/17/2012 c4 Guest
2 is soooooo CUTE & SWEET! :D
9/8/2012 c5 63Freida Right
So factual; yet so gosh darned adorable! 8D

I've done several things from the twin's pov's, though usually as part of bigger things. The first scene of /The Other Eyes Saga/ is their point of view; /Faith Journey/ and /Suddenly, A Star/ are mostly from their point of view; parts of /Prodigal/ are from 3's point of view, though they are mostly in the middle, towards the end, and 4 isn't with him.

If it helps... I don't know if it does, exactly... :/
9/8/2012 c5 7CreativeSkull
Well the twins are certainly happy. I think you did pretty good writing in their P.O.V.
9/8/2012 c5 13PoppyECM.6-13
:P :P :P You updated! XD ! AND YES YOU GOT THE VOICE (Even though the twins don't have voices . ) RIGHT! STOP WORRYING! WKCUCBYOUYOHSUHFKCGTUTUHNKDX FHGKBRCEYKHGA! EPIC update! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AND if you're doing another chapter with the twins and their books, i want you to put a few perticular books in there for me. PM ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !
9/1/2012 c4 16lady of the wilds
i was just about to finally go to sleep when i saw this in my alert box. Damn you! (in a good way XD) now i will never get to sleep!

wonderful charater by the way glad to see you back
9/1/2012 c4 63Freida Right
Adorable 4. So factual! So, where's 3 wandered off to...?
9/1/2012 c4 7CreativeSkull
I was kinda worried you'd forgotten about this story. Yay for 2, finding the hardware store! I have a feeling they're all going to in that place for a while.
7/24/2012 c3 63Freida Right
Aw, they are so adorable! I can't wait to see what our guys discover!
7/24/2012 c2 Freida Right
You have a truly incredible voice. This is very well done!
7/23/2012 c3 16lady of the wilds
oh what kind of trouble will they all get into?

keep it up, i can't wait for more!
7/23/2012 c2 13PoppyECM.6-13
awwww 5's such a fraidy cat! and LOVE 6 collapsing even though it was only random and tiny XD !

One think though, you might want to put "The eight of us..." instead of "The 8 of us..."

7/23/2012 c2 415 Lucca Hunter
UPDATE! :squee:

Oh wait this isn't deviantART :(
5/17/2012 c1 63Freida Right
This is going to be interesting and fun. I can feel it! I can't wait for more! ;)
5/17/2012 c1 415 Lucca Hunter
What's good:

the way 1 is rambly and sulky, it suits his character

What's not so good:

It's too hard to criticize. I can't find anything wrong with it


So basically it needs to be more rubbish so I can pretend to be Simon Cowell. :)

Favourite quote:

They respect me like cats respect dogs: they don't.

I'm trying to put my reviews like this now so it's more helpful to the author!
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