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for Asgardian Punishment

4/20/2019 c3 Guest
Just... a little ... confused. Next time have a more stable layout and PLAN. Even if you don’t write it on paper. It helps me a lot.
7/24/2017 c3 Darkmidnight13
Update please
7/11/2016 c1 3Black Moons Daughter
It's nice but who the hell is Lei?! By the way, I like her name!
3/26/2016 c3 5delena1864
Please continue this story. I'm curious to see how it ends and who is that girl? Please
5/30/2012 c3 3Little Weasley Girl
Ahhh! Awesome! SUSPENSE! DRAMAMAMA! COOL! Sorry for not commenting sooner, I've been busy with real life, whcih sucks.
5/23/2012 c2 Little Weasley Girl
Oooh! Yay, I really Like this story! excitement! Excited for more. Great job!

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