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1/21/2013 c1 Guest
8/13/2012 c1 52The Truth's Lie
This is good! I like the naked!Sherlock.

Update soon!
5/20/2012 c1 Jones
that was really good, next chap please
5/18/2012 c1 5becstaarrrr
Haha! Here I am, finally!

Sorry it took a while for me to complete this, but as I pre-warned. I don't do reviews by halves!

I was so so happy when I found out you had written this and just had to read it, let's be honest - physics can wait. Who needs to know that the earth goes round the sun? ;)

Everything in it, was just superbly described. I could actually see it happening in my head as I read, and those truly are the best written stories to me. If you can follow it and see everything happening in front of you, the author is great. So that puts you right at the top of the 'writers who actually write really well' list. That I just made up :'). But I may start that list and you shall be on it!

Not only your description but everything they say as well. I can imagine the characters actually saying it, in their voices and it all fits together beautifully.

'We're in the Houses of Parliament. And you're naked apart from a sheet.'

I'm so very glad you chose this point in time for the Doctor to turn up! :D They are both so eccentric and only he would understand most of Sherlock's thoughts, including the incredible dress sense!

Also, the bluntness of Sherlock after John trying to get him to put some trousers on is just great. I'm imagining the face he pulls at the time and it is so Sherlocky. You just summed Sherlock up in one line of his own: 'I'm wearing my sheet.' stubborn, yet so funny and loveable too!

'cacophonous' - this. Is an AMAZING word. I had to look at the dictionary but whoa. It fits so well, your vocabulary is inspirational. I'm not even taking the mick, I need to expand the realms of my vocabulary knowledge!

'Aw, Pond, it'll be fun, honest,' the Doctor called back.

I agree! Because you're about to meet Sherlock Holmes. And that. Is VERY fun. And cool. Anyway, I quoted this because of the brilliant way you've created that very loveable Doctor Who episode trait where the Doctor continues a conversation without realising that where he has landed means people are now gaping at him. E.g. John. And it made me giggle because I reckon Johns face was a picture ;) to create that in a piece of writing, along with the comical element is truly heroic!

'The Doctor ignored John's question as his eyes suddenly alighted on Sherlock. 'Sherly!''

Oh.yes. What a completely perfect start to their greetings. I was asked before, what would it be like if Sherlock met Doctor Who? And I was like... Well obviously they'd be friends! They'd get along very well indeed and hopefully their meetings don't last too long, just in case they ended up blowing up the whole galaxy, or Sherlock deduced someone in the past and changed the course of history :') so your idea, was beautiful. I have only good words for it!

'Sherly' is just the best name ever that only the Doctor could get away with calling him it.

'The Doctor enveloped Sherlock in a hug, which John was amazed to see him return, as much as he could, at least, without letting go of his sheet. 'Good to see you too, Doctor,' Sherlock said.'

Yay :))) it just gets better. Your interactions between the characters cannot be faulted!

' Amy, Rory, this is my great friend, Sherlock Holmes, and his partner Dr Watson,' the Doctor announced with all the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas. 'Holmes, Watson, Pond and Pond. Pond and Pond – Holmes and Watson'

'Pond and Pond' oh gosh, why you make me laugh so much? I full on spat sticky fanta fruit twist on my iPad. It's all your fault, but I shall forgive you for it. And then when Rory said his names actually Williams, I was very glad I hadn't taken another sip of drink!

If I didn't worry for the character count, I'd quote the whole bit of banter about Amy not understanding how Sherlock is real. When Sherlock said 'No I'm not' it just made me crack up all over again! And also when they tell the Doctor that he lies to them all the time. Gosh your comic writing is fantastic, you really know how to portray it. With the quick speech and no names, I still know who said it and end up laughing like a loon. You are a genius with that :')

'He's a time travelling 900 year old alien. We've been through this many times.'

Yeah John, simple to understand really... To be fair that should be pretty normal when you've lived with Sherlock for the amount of time he has!

I would now be quoting most of the bit where The Doctor asks if he was just there to admire the furnishings. Then the mutual understanding between them on Mycroft! Pure brilliance. I'd love to know what the Doctor thinks of Mycroft face to face, as someone who doesn't hate many people or things, I think Mycroft would be close to an enemy, same as Sherlock thinks of him! And the idea that Rory doesn't know what (or rather who) is Mycroft :D

'John was positive he was going utterly loopy so he decided he may as well comply. With a sigh, he stepped over the threshold of the blue wooden box, and on to….'

Johns life is so strange, bless him. He loves it though! The thrill of the chase and the weird and wonderful :) I love the idea of his complete confusion at the TARDIS! Who wouldnt be confused my a police box that's bigger on the inside than on the outside. The way you wrote it had to make me grin at Johns sudden realisation!

'Possibly to fetch some trousers?' suggested Rory.' hahahahahahahaha. I love how down to earth Rory is in all this :') you've given hi,m some great lines, oh goodness me! :D

'That's because he doesn't actually know what the solar system is,' John pointed out.

I love you so much for getting this in. because that, must be where their main differences lie, between Sherlock and The Doctor. Their knowledge of the solar system. I take my deerstalker off to you for that one ;)

'I'm going to feed my hamster,' said Sherlock.' pfffft, I don't know why I find it so funny. Just the idea of a lemon and a hamster and chemicals all being owned by Sherlock. For anyone else, the chemicals would be the odd thing. For Sherlock the Hamster is the odd one :') What a fabulous combination of experiments you appear to have come up with!

'He just really hoped that the toga look was fashionable on whatever planet they were about to end up' errr.. I know a place that wouldn't mind the toga look? Screaming fangirl world! :') but I don't know if they'd escape alive... And still with Sherlocks sheet!

Anyway, over 1,200 words late I have finished my review! I'm so sorry, I think this is the longest I've ever done, but it is purely to show you my love for it! :D

You are an amazing writer, the way you portray the characters through their actions and dialogue is genius. And the comic side as well. So so so good! :D

Thank you for this, it was beautiful! I need to check out some more of your stuff!

Will you be carrying on with this? Its such a lovely one shot... But I really want more of it!

Decisions... ;)

Beccy (the rambler) :))
5/17/2012 c1 lost in the sea
good chapter update soon :)

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