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10/5/2012 c10 Imonz
Please update Soon!
9/22/2012 c10 Guest
write more more more more more!
9/21/2012 c10 BittersweetChocolates09
KAO-CHAN! :)) Finally, I saw him in this story! Too bad he wants to stick with his family... :( The twins reunion was bittersweet, though... And this one:
Hey... Haruhi...

I... I can't...

I... Can't do this...

But... But...

Haruhi... Please don't hate me...

I need to do this... Soon.

- Is it Kaoru? I don't think the others have any reason to do this...whatever it is.

Hope you update soon! :D
9/10/2012 c9 BittersweetChocolates09
Omigosh! I think it's really Honey who said that 'dream' to Haruhi! But then, Tamaki is a likely candidate too... Poor Cecilia...I really pity her...stupid Costretto...Cecilia...*sniffs* And lastly, KAORU?! UPDATE PLEASE! XDD
9/8/2012 c8 1KhoshekMoos
in some way some how it makes me think honey has guns and din-mite and din-mite shooter under his sheets ready to acct when needed
9/8/2012 c8 BittersweetChocolates09
That dream of Haruhi is really making me curious... and it was cute how Hikaru still cares for Cecilia and... HOW THE HELL DID HIKARU SNUGGLE BESIDE HARUHI WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING ON THE GROUND?! Kidding, I found it cute ;) And what's happening to Tamaki? I'm not used to seeing him all-serious and all-emotional like this...what is the answer he's looking for? More importantly, what's his question? Tamaki, just go back to your usual stupid self, okay? XDDD

Hope you update soon! :D

P.S. Haruhi's dream...was it really a dream? Or someone had been really talking to her? -.-
8/19/2012 c6 8greetingsfrommaars
Well now that's an epic love confession.
8/13/2012 c7 greetingsfrommaars
hey... what about the "shooting flames from my hands" thing? you mentioned it in the summary for this story...
but I don't recall Haruhi doing anything like that... :/
anyway I'm really enjoying this story! Haruhi in the mafia is a really interesting idea o,0
8/12/2012 c7 41Hita-Chan
Woot yay! Great chapter! I'll think about the OC thing. I'll pm you mine if I do. Can't wait for the next update!
8/11/2012 c7 BittersweetChocolates09
Aww...and they have a new member! :)) Though Tamaki's still bitter at him... Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hikaru is Haruhi's mist guardian?

Hope you update soon! :D
8/8/2012 c4 2mounkeygirl
Everyone now seems convinced that Tamaki is going to be competent using darts as weapons. It is my personal hope that he can defy even Reborn level training and still retain incompetence. :)
8/6/2012 c6 BittersweetChocolates09
Oh. My. God. You know what? YOU ALMOST KILLED ME WITH THE TITLE! I THOUGHT HIKARU OR HARUHI WAS DEAD! Good thing she wasn't. Although, I feel really, really, really bad for Cecilia... She loved Hikaru! How dare you kill her?! Just kidding! XD But honestly, from the start of this chapter, I've been rooting for her and Hikaru already (since I voted for TamaHaru pairing), and now she's dead! *sobs loudly* T . T I hope Hikaru still gets a girl who will love him... :(( *is still sobbing*

Hope you update soon! :D
8/3/2012 c5 BittersweetChocolates09
Ohmigod! This is so good! Packed with suspense and action! XDDD

My heart is torn to two...I don't know which pairing to vote for! Will it be HikaHaru or TamaHaru...*after a long, long time* Okay! I vote for TamaHaru! But HikaHaru is interesting too...oh whatever! I stick with my first decision! XDDD

So sorry for this confusing review...
Hope you update soon! :D

P.S. I hate Costretto! His attitude resembles another character's in a play we did...and I LOATHED that character! GRR...
8/1/2012 c5 1MattHatterGoneMad
Omg I love your story and I vote for Kaoru and haruhi
8/1/2012 c5 1KhoshekMoos
oh and b they way i like hunnyharu all the way
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