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1/24/2019 c40 Be well
Hope you are doing well and will be back soon! :) Good luck on your own book.
11/9/2018 c40 nyankatze
i had to dig deep in the cobwebs of my mind to remember my fanfiction password because its been literal years since I've actually logged on since I have few fics on here that I read and the ones i do i just have a mental list. but i just wanted to let you know that this fic is one the few fics that is basically a familiar comfort to me. as comforting as settling down with a childhood classic and a cup of hot chocolate. so i wanted to thank you for that :) for the nice vibes. and for your hard work.
9/21/2018 c40 Guest
Another story to throw in the "Awesome and abandoned" list. Damn shame. I was really digging the whole story. Curious to know how or if Shepard could get home. The world may never know...
9/19/2018 c32 Guest
I bet all 31 chapters of this story were just a facade to post your Varric *slash* Hawke erotica, you naughty naughty person.
On an unrelated note, you should expand your writing into different... genres.
9/17/2018 c1 koseta.a
So you had Shepard murder EDI, Legion and the other get?
9/3/2018 c40 KrossPhelps
Are you ok?
8/10/2018 c40 Merk
I absolutely love this. Shepard's interactions with the Qunari? Hilarious! I enjoyed every chapter and, should you choose to continue, would undoubtedly enjoy any future chapters you chose to add. Many kudos to you!
7/9/2018 c40 3Lara Jayd
I’m glad to see this story was updated! It has to be one of the most fun on the site. Looking forward to more!
6/23/2018 c40 Rooschaap
I really hope this will be continued... you've made me curious about how this will turn out (especially with the arishok... i cant help but love, and laugh at his attempts to romance shep...)
6/20/2018 c40 5Total Absolutism
Ah, I remember when there was more of this. Simpler times.

This story has been a blast to read again even so; even given I've never managed to even half-finish any Dragon Age game. Thank you for writing it, and for writing it so expertly. Character dialogue is top quality, descriptions well done and overall the story just flows well.
5/22/2018 c40 25Cabbit and the Weasel
UGH! I would love to see a continuation of this!
5/21/2018 c12 Cabbit and the Weasel
I would totally join the band wagon of the Arishok and Shepard developing a sort of friendship lol. When the two of them are in scenes together the dialogue is interesting.
5/19/2018 c40 masterdude94
Pretty good story! Definitely love your Shepard, and Hawke as well. And Hawke/Varric is a ship I have not seen before, but holy crap it really works!
5/15/2018 c5 adamjb
This has been great so far, but I don't think they'd appreciate Shepard destroying an expensive wooden table.
5/7/2018 c21 NotRevan
bruh if she gets the taint... she won't be able to go back to Earth... she will either die or have to become a Grey Warden... interesting...
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