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11/5 c69 Guest
11/4 c69 Artimuos Sen
I hope Shepard caught Isabella and give the book to Arishok and left this planet with Normandy and people will think she is Andraste reborn returning to Maker.
11/4 c69 Gaming Master Anthony
Twice in one year? I'm in shock. Get again a great chapter, keep an' coming.
10/27 c68 3One Shiny Mess
I really enjoyed this story! Your Shepherd is fantastic, very believable and I love how she fit into the lovely mess of the DA II plot, and her personal complications with everyone. I am so curious as to how things will play out in the final chapters, and if she'll make it back to the Normandy!
10/22 c41 Krav
I'm SO HAPPY to see this story back up! I was so curious about how it'd go, it was so sad when it disappeared. Thank you so much for posting again, I hope you're doing so well!
10/21 c68 9Goodpie2
So, so, SO glad to see this back. I've always been horribly sad that it died. It's one of the best fics I've ever read.
10/14 c68 no one
I’m late to the party but I’m very glad that this is back. Hats off to you good sir/madam.
10/13 c68 WhiteVolder
Отличная история. Мне нравятся главные герои. Их диалоги живые и не кажутся искусственными. Хотя Dragon Age 2 мне не нравится из-за скудного сюжета и мира, вам удалось сделать хорошие декорации для ваших героев.
Огромное спасибо вам за проделанную работу!) Очень сильно жду продолжение!
10/9 c68 AboveReality
As i reread this when you posted more chapters I felt giddy again. The tension is real. More!
9/28 c68 3Lara Jayd
Yessss it absolutely made my day to see this had been updated! I love this story (I've been following it for five years or something, I found some old reviews!) and I can't wait to read more! I'm sad to hear that people gave you a hard time and that caused you to stop writing. It's a lot easier to say than it is to do, but for all of your readers' sakes don't listen to the haters. You're writing a fantastic story, one of the best in the ME fandom.

Following on from that, I noticed your later chapters are shorter and seem a little hurried. The quality is still fantastic, so please don't take this as a criticism; the only reason I bring it up is to say that if you feel like you have to rush to get it all done, or if the past negativity has soured you towards this story, please know that there are people out there hanging on your every word and hoping this story keeps going much longer than 4 or 5 chapters more. However, if you feel like you have to get this done for yourself, then I totally understand (been there!). I'm still going to hope for a sequel though! ;)

Finally, I just have to say... duuuuuuude you write some *amazing* sexual tension.
9/25 c68 DracoAngelus17
Wow...I almost forgot about this story. But it took playing Dragon Age: Origins to bring back the memories of Bioware during its heyday. Its fantastic to see you back and hope to see more from you. Please continue soon!
9/22 c68 Gaming Master Anthony
It's actually back? After 3 years i unfollowed this story to make room for new ones, a year after that I look in this crossover section to find a new story, what do isee? This updated
9/21 c68 8The Stin
Good to see you’re back, although I figured I’d reread the whole story and the newly posted chapters before I put anything up. I could try to nitpick about little things, like timelines or whatever, but I’d rather take a moment to write out what I think you’ve done best in this work.

Speaking broadly, I really like the way you’ve handled the topic of sex in this story. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t typically go looking for stories featuring smut or lemons, but that kind of thing isn’t going to turn me off if the rest of the content is worth being there for, and I think it most definitely is here. Not only that, but the sexier parts of your content still serve the greater whole of the work. Before I jump into that though, a bit of griping about Dragon Age 2 so I can better express how I think your work subtly changes things for the better.

I’m on the record with many of my friends as someone who has complained about how annoyingly horny the cast of Dragon Age 2 is, and I stand by that statement. I find the way most of those characters try to approach relationships to be a bit juvenile, honestly. It makes me want to hiss “teenagers,” under my breath when I think about it. Of course, anyone is free to disagree with me on this.

What I feel you’ve done a really good job of here is making the shift from “annoyingly horny“ to “endearingly horny.“ and it’s not just the sex. It’s the parts where they’re all sitting around and playing cards, and making racy jokes and enjoying each other’s company, sometimes at each other’s expense. For these people casual sex is but another outlet to relieve tension after a hard day in Kirkwall. Smartly though, you let the characters treat sex both casually, and on occasion much more emotionally seriously. In particular I like the way you approached the budding romance between Hawke and Varrick, and I enjoyed the awkwardness of that first hook-up as they try to figure things out with each other. As far as sex scenes go, it was certainly gratuitous, but it was also funny, sweet, tense and charming. It was horny as hell, but it was also emotionally resonant, and that deserves recognition.

I don’t really have much more to say than that. Not really any other specifics. I mostly just wanted to complement how nuanced I felt your usage of sexuality with your characters was. Looking forward to any updates, should those be in your future.
9/18 c68 Karaeir
(disclaimer: I've completely missed whatever updates and drama happened in 2017, so this is from a perspective of someone who's been reading this fic in like... 2013? 2014?)

Well, never loose hope folks, miracles happen. I've last read this such a long time ago that I honestly didn't remember anything beyond this being set during DA2 and having heavy qunari involvement. I've read some others Shepard-in-DA fics in the meantime (it's pretty much a distinct subgenre on AO3) but I've always had this here fic at the back of my head. It was something of a measuring stick I've compared every similar fic to. I was shocked to see the update emails in my inbox, but once I got my jaw off the floor I quite literally dropped everything else I was reading and started a reread. Younger me's taste in fanfiction was sometimes... questionable, so I was slightly anxious if it's gonna hold up to that hazy memory from 7 years ago.

It... absolutely did!

Srsly, I've enjoyed this reread reading the new parts thoroughly. The only meh part are some wording choices in some of the earlier chapters which have not aged gracefully, but that's minor. This whole fic is just super engaging, most of the humour lands very well, the dialogue is punchy, it has good balance of funny and serious bits, and that constant slow rise of tension in the background is just delicious. You can really feel how much of a powder keg Kirkwall becomes.

But absolute best part of this fic are the Qunari. I'm sliiiiightly biased - I think that the Qunari society is the most interesting part of DA lore, they are fascinating and a sharp contrast to generic medieval Europe that most of Thedas is. But they are hard to get right - most people just see them as the villains (which is absolutely fair, the Qun is unforgiving and the Qunari do a ton of fucked up stuff) and I'm over here, sighing and craving some more nuance. And I think that this is the best Qunari fic I've read. Just... doesn't dwell on it too much, but manages to both show them as people and give some credit to their philosophy while pointing out the *really bad horrible shit* that they do and the denial of choice and change inherent in the Qun. And the not-really-romance with the Arishok? Hilarious, 10/10. Great will-they-won't-they. Usually in romances the answer is "yes they will, just gotta wait for it." Here? I have no idea? Maybe? For most of the fic I thought that Shep would finally give in but at this point it feels like it's too late. But I'm still holding on to the hope that her presence will change enough and that the Arishok will live to see Par Vollen again. Which... might cause another issue, mainly him trying to force Shep to come with them and convert, but still.

I'm also hoping Anders will get a better ending than in the game. I love DA2 for how much of a chaotic mess it was, with 20000 different plots piling up at the end, but that's that one plot that I wish could have been changed.

And I gotta say, I love your Shepard. Her longing for home (or the sweet relief of death) is highly relatable and her internal dialogue is all very in-character and heartbreaking at times. And she gets extra points from me for that Thane romance. My main Shepard also romanced him, I'm still not over how much he got shafted in ME3. I was absolutely ready for his death, I just really wish they handled it a bit better for Sheps that romanced him. *sigh*

So...yeah, welcome back, thank you so much for resurrecting this fic and I'm very much looking forward to any updates!

(btw have you thought of putting this up on AO3? the lack of social functions on that site can be annoying buuuuut if you want to avoid drama it's a godsend)
9/17 c68 Nhobdy
Yoooo I'm just catching back up after the update dump, and DAMN - I don't recall the original well enough to disentangle the differences, but I dig where you've taken things.
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