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9/17 c68 14RhysThornbery
Really enjoyed all the new chapters. Thank you for sharing them with us!
9/17 c68 Griffon2745
Just finished re-reading the new revision, really enjoying it and can't wait to see what happens next :)
9/17 c48 3Kidnapped Sect Elder
Wow! It only hit me this chapter that this fic is pre-Inquisition release date.
9/16 c68 1orion0905
It's easy to forget how good this story is. Simply dang you can feel the tension far better then the game provided. So many threads. When is Sheppard finally going to get picked up?
9/16 c68 Blank
I really appreciate you starting this story up again. All the best.
9/16 c68 48reality deviant
was very happy to read all the many updates!
so much new stuff!
and shit hit the fan . now thereal troubles begin.
9/15 c56 4dyslecksec
I can't help but think that Shepard is being more than a bit too self-deprecating. Not the Arishok's equal is correct. But only because she's his superior! She's not only a leader of her people, she lead them in a victory so incomprehensibly great, that it'd make the Arishok weep in envy. If he could but grasp at the edges of its understanding.

Hell, if you think about it, the only victory in the history of Thedas that even approaches Shepard's, would be Andraste's rebellion. Except Shepard isn't the Maker's Bride, she's His Warchief!

(By the way, I'm extremely happy to see this story continued. Welcome back!)
9/15 c38 Guest
Lots of fun!

I'm curious if you remember what the * in chapter 37 was about. On a line about air exchangers in the Deep Roads.
9/15 c68 Monshroud
When and IF the Normandy shows up, possibly accompanied by a fleet provided by the Systems Alliance and/or by ALL The Council races, I'm rather looking forward to the reaction from many a nation and faction on Thedas to the fact that The Maker apparently didn't stop at making just ONE world.

Not to mention if The Citadel decides to meddle in the affairs of Thedas, PARTICULARLY in regards to the treatment of sapients, such as elves and Mages of any race.

Let's see see Celene try to brush her whole "slaughtering over five-thousand elves" under the rug now!
9/15 c68 nyankatze
Looking forwards to the conclusion of stuff. Keep up the great work!
9/15 c68 15Vanessa Masters
Well, that seemed to work out for Aveline, thou she's a little shooketh.
9/15 c67 Vanessa Masters
Ugh, oh lordy, things getting super, batshit crazy
9/15 c66 Vanessa Masters
Isabela gave her an incredulous look. "What? That bastard Corff recruited you to make me pay my tab?"

Hawke grinned. "No, Varric did."

"Why the little… you would take his side," Isabela grumbled.

"What can I say?" protested Hawke, her hands spread wide. "It's the chest hair. Who can resist the chest hair?"

Isabela sighed, all pretense of offense banished by the Paragon of Manliness. "The chest hair…"

Jethann sighed too. "Oooh, yes, the chest hair."

There was a moment of silence in which Varric's chest hair figured largely in their collective thoughts, until Hawke cleared her throat with a soupcon of embarrassment.


No distractions, this is getting serious, find that book!
9/15 c65 Vanessa Masters
The guard-captain folded her arms over her chest and fixed the pair with unsympathetic eyes. "Yesterday morning the two of you were on patrol in the plaza. Did you speak to two young elven boys?"

"How was I supposed to know they were telling the truth?" blurted Brennan.

"How did you know they were lying?" Aveline shot back, her anger cracking her composure.

Brennan shook her head. "Come on, Guard-Captain," she protested. "We all know the elves are always looking for a handout." Something in Aveline's expression prompted the guardswoman to add, "And the nobles don't like them hanging around Hightown."

"They told you," Aveline began in a low voice, "that a guard had raped their sister. And you did nothing?"

Brennan threw up her hands quickly. "I didn't know! They were elves! I didn't know!"

"Not good enough!" roared Aveline. "They were elves is not an answer! Neither is they were poor! Or they were accusing a guard! None of those things determine whether or not you do your job." She turned to the other guard. "Guardsman Derrick," she snapped. "Did you think the boys were lying?"

Derrick was caught between a rock and a hard place, and he knew it. If he let Brennan take the blame, he'd be throwing Brennan under the cart. On the other hand, if he admitted to agreeing with Brennan, he'd share the guard-captain's ire. He wracked his mind for some kind of compromise. "I… uh…" he began haltingly, his eyes rolling with the effort of concentration. And then he had it. "I s'pose I didn't want to believe them, Guard-Captain," he said earnestly. "Because that would mean one of us did… somethin' like that."

"Also not good enough!"

Aveline raked angry, uncompromising eyes over the gathered company. "We exist to protect the people of this city; to uphold the law. We aren't here for judgment— that's the job of the magistrates and the viscount. We don't determine who the law does and does not apply to based on race or class or nationality. And that's because the law applies to everybody." She paced restlessly. "Including ourselves."

"Until today, I believed this didn't need saying: I expect you all to watch each other's backs, yes, but that does not mean turning a blind eye! If you hear of or see another guard doing something you'd bring in someone else for, I expect you to do something about it! If you aren't comfortable with taking action yourself, bring it to me. And for Andraste's sake, never turn anyone claiming a crime has occurred away without listening to what they have to say!"



And then Shepard pulls off a damn, getting Meredith to back down.

Her dualt was foolishly believing Shepard is a mage, when she's so not. Major advantage, but it did do something to the Omni tool.
9/15 c64 Vanessa Masters

Shepard tried to squeeze the guardswoman's arm, but her fingers closed on Aveline's steel plate. She settled for a slight shake instead. "Aveline, listen to me. The qunari will be surgical. Efficient. They won't waste time killing anyone who doesn't get in their way. But the people in the city won't be so methodical. When order breaks down, it isn't the opposing forces you need to watch out for, it's your own citizens.

"Think about it, Vallen. What kind of damage do you think the less law-abiding folks in Lowtown could do, if they thought they could get away with it? Do you think the nobles in Hightown would hesitate to take matters into their own hands if they thought their precious wealth might be threatened?" Shepard could see her words sinking in; the pragmatic guardswoman quickly grasping the truth in them. "And, as always," she continued relentlessly, "it's the poorest and weakest who will take the brunt of it all— the elves in the alienage, the refugee camps in Darktown."

"But it's my duty to protect the whole city, Shepard," Aveline muttered. "And that includes the Keep."

"No," Shepard disagreed. "Your duty is to the people." She straightened authoritatively, and the sharpness came back to her voice. "Keep order, Vallen."

"And the viscount?" Aveline pointed out.

"That will be my job."

"One woman to stop what the guard and templars can't?" snorted Aveline.

Shepard looked her in the eye. "Yes," she said flatly. "One woman. Me."

Aveline saw in those eyes a woman who had seen the Void; faced it down, and survived. Shepard's motives might be obscured from the guard-captain at the moment, but there was no lie in those eyes. Shepard would hold the Keep, or die trying.

Nevertheless, Aveline saw fit to comment. "I hope you know what you're doing, Shepard."

Shepard smiled fleetingly.

"So do I. And, for all our sakes, let's hope the viscount does, too


So do I.

Oh, but one good thing, Varric said he loved Hawke, not so she could hear, but still.

Oh no, Meredith!
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