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6/19/2017 c5 AllAboutObsessions
Good writing!
12/14/2016 c5 Mr.lps
Please post soon !
4/19/2016 c5 GlowDust7501
*Pressing the little review button, and bringing untold amounty of joy*
10/15/2015 c5 Guest
That's the end...what a crappy end
8/31/2015 c5 Guest
update this is great :)
5/12/2015 c5 Shadow Night 0227
Update soon Please! I really like this fanfic!
3/11/2015 c5 Guest
Wow. This is the best Cato/Katniss pairing FF I've read. Love it thank you and please update.
2/9/2015 c5 2Manaliac
Nice story! I hope Cato will show clearly that he cares more about Katniss. Will you continue this story?
10/23/2014 c5 Guest
Please update. You're killing us.
10/23/2014 c3 Guest
Please update
10/22/2014 c5 12Ranibow2malfoy
Wow, pretty great story. Loved it. Hope you will update soon. Fuck Glimmer.
9/21/2014 c5 Guest
Oh my goodness! You are such a talented writer! Please keep writing! I'm so wrapped up in this fanfiction please don't leave me hanging. I cannot wait until the next chapter. I hope u do another one however I was wondering if you could turn the steaminess up one more notch? Also, maybe a fight scene with Katniss?

Lots of love,
A silent reader
9/15/2014 c5 Guest
Love this story ! Update son plz
7/24/2014 c5 Guest
He truly is bipolar in your story. Makes me wonder why he got so angry when she brought up Glimmer.
7/25/2014 c5 Trifles
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