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for Kanasî Sake

6/8/2015 c3 wolf tail196
A bit short
As the other too
12/28/2013 c6 6neko1998
I love how the fics is going! When I first noticed they too I thought they'd be perfect for each other, it's good to know someone else agrees. I'm nervous and excited! How will Janyu interpret Yama's confession! . Update soon
7/21/2012 c1 2stitchfan93
Hey! Just wanna say that your story looks great! Surprised to see no one has given you any reviews yet so I am going to be an honour as the first reviewer of your story!

Anyways, I also happen to read Taiki Matsuki's work and I have also read 'The Passion of the Cut Sleeve' and 'Duan Xiu Zhi Pi' as well. They were both great works of fanfiction and enjoyed both stories very much. Looking forward to your story then! Update soon! Take care! See ya!

From: stitchfan93

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