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for Sun of the Archer Book I

1/13 c5 That2-one3-girl4
How disgusting to send an 8 year old demigod on that quest in the first place and then to take his eye sight when it was Thalia's decision.
10/16/2022 c19 redeyehawk23
That whole part about his mom dying was absolutely useless.
8/6/2022 c12 7Doc. Spontaneous
one thing that's always pissed me off about this fic is that you got Annabeth's description wrong. She has blonde hair with grey eyes not brown hair with blue eyes.
8/6/2022 c4 Doc. Spontaneous
fuck. NOOO, Hazza don't take the quest!
8/6/2022 c1 Doc. Spontaneous
to the mo fucka below me. stfu, I get it. there's spelling mistakes, but THIS is a fanfiction. it's been awhile since I read these and I'm reading them again for two reasons, 1. I remember that these are the best harry son of Apollo book ever. 2. I ran out of Fem Percy x Jason Todd fanfics on Wattpad to read.
4/25/2022 c2 yochan123
honestly can't read your story at all due to all the numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes that plague the series. your book 3's title isn't correct. It's "Titan's curse," not "Titans curse."

Jesus do American schools teach spelling these days?!
4/25/2022 c1 yochan123
considering the reviewer "Alexdafox" in whatever capitalized form can't even spell correctly or know the difference between "they're" and "their" that every elementary schooler is taught, his/her opinions are entirely invalid and subject to intense scrutiny.
2/9/2022 c15 Doc. Spontaneous
the Kayla screaming thing is mu favourite part
2/9/2022 c4 Doc. Spontaneous
the last line proves he is a son of apollo
1/24/2022 c19 3Alis-zero
I've reread this story so many times, I have parts of it memorized, that's how much I love this story, and the next 2 books. Never believe people if they say your stories are bad, their lying and are most likely jealous that they can't write books/stories like you can. Also, I love how you've managed to add humor to an otherwise very sirius situation (don't question me, I can't help it; I love HP too much) through Harry, which by the way, is not something many authors can do (of the ones I know of, at least). I'm actually in the middle of writing 2 books from the same series right now, and I'm struggling to find ways to add humor to my stories so that they'll be less 'boring af'.
10/30/2021 c10 1Diametrik
Harry getting the invisibility cloak is pretty bs, he's not even a Potter (or Peverell) by blood and it's not like he's lacking for magical artifacts or means to get them with his divine parentage.
10/30/2021 c9 Diametrik
Did you forget they're 11 or something? This level of hormone driven romance and descriptions of the girls' "curves" is like they're at least 14
8/22/2021 c10 mckertis
Oh gods, more stupid bullshit..."African-American" ? Really ? In UK ? I imagine you think Mace Windu is also African-American ?
8/22/2021 c9 mckertis
Oh gods, i thought it was a semi-decent story, then the "complementary playlist" bullshit started...
2/26/2021 c10 2Lordlexx
Blaize is Italian, not black.
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