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10/12/2013 c1 Samuel the Anorexic
He would have killed her right on the spot.
7/28/2013 c6 dragonbookaddict
... There's something wrong with me, I want to bookmark this story so I can read it whenever I want to... and I want to see more chapters... should I be concerned?
2/16/2013 c6 12Cindy Cerberus
Haha okay anonymous just hold on with it angry. I listed it as complete to attract more readers. Sorry. I'm still into the story, so hold your horses. I just don't have an actual computer right now. Sorry, again fir the confusion. LOL
2/8/2013 c6 anonymous
HOW THE HECK CAN YOU JUST LEAVE IT THERE AND MARK THIS STORY AS COMPLETE! YOU LEFT LOOSE ENDS! LIKE, WHO NICKY WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT SEEING AGAIN IN THE HOSPITAL IF THEY CONTACTED HER FAMILY AND WHY! But I happen to be a bit of a Nny fan and I really enjoy this story and really really really want to know what happens next!
10/19/2012 c6 Vivien G
... Wait does she know about the wall yet? I remember- wait I KNOW she was in the basement so I'm guessing she must've saw it, I don't understand why people call her weird, everyone is weird! If we weren't we'd all be so BORING Dx yep a world without sweet innocent crazy insane sane nerdy geeky etc. who be depressing . :P hehe such a cute chapter right here :D
10/19/2012 c5 Vivien G
His mother is a lot more nicer then expected . I was sorta expecting her to have powers- or maybe that was his father I forgot what she looked like ._. I should really reread the series X3
10/19/2012 c4 Vivien G
I love how they all care for her, even Pepito xD he was blushing that sounded adorable xP if only he wouldn't threat that much- wait that'd ruin his personality nvm xDD awe such a cute lil group hug right there :3
10/19/2012 c3 Vivien G
I knew these 2 would enter sooner or later! I admit it these 3 would seem like best friends :3 xDD and embarrassing escape for school... RUN SQUEE RUN XD
10/19/2012 c2 Vivien G
Awe Squee awe the cutest guy in the worlds X3 xDD I like Pepito when he's friends with Squee something about there best friendship is so cute O did anyone ever realize, that him and Gaz are SOOOO alike? -.O they both love video games they both can be dark.. Etc. xDD
10/19/2012 c1 Vivien G
Hehe Nickey is so sweet O a babysitting job possibly? Hehe, what luck there right next to eachother :3
8/14/2012 c1 Cindy Cerberus
No worry readers I'm writing a story right now, it's going slow.
8/14/2012 c6 AshSpark
I know you haven't updated in a while so you might not get this review, but PLEASE UPDATE! This story is amazing and I would love to hear more of it!
6/16/2012 c6 Waruitenshi
LMFAO! Well even if you don't like this chapter much, I DO. XD It's funny and was worth reading. Over the years, I've learned that not every page/chapter of a story needs to be over the top uber dramatic and exciting. _ Besides, whatever Johnny does is usually fun enough to read anyways. Lol and Nickey is just plain hilarious! She's so awesome about things and she is especially fun in those panicked/spazzy moments! Keep up the great work! I patiently await the next chapter. _
5/24/2012 c5 8Hawkbelly
Pretty interesting, but revising it would be a good idea before posting. Your thoughts and ideas could be pulled together with some revision. I like that you're trying to keep that spontaneous and random feel of JtHM in your story and not making it too dramatic. There are times where you just spit things up and pass them by without giving something a little more interesting to read. You need to work on getting things to flow a little better. Don't jump to a different action of a character to the point the read is confused with the context in which your words are used.

The main thing that can help you with this is revision. It's okay to jot your thoughts down without much sense to them, just as long as you go back and rearrange and fix things up to make it look "pretty", in other words easier to read and better flowing of sentences.

Just keep building on that idea of yours and try your hardest not to get discouraged.

P.S. If the degrading voice in your head tries to put you down, push it away and/or tell it that it's not welcome or allowed to intrude or be present during this time, or tell it to stop and move back into the corner it dwells in because you don't want to deal with it right now, and push it back. Phew! Long...
5/24/2012 c5 Waruitenshi
Lmfao the name of Pepito's mother's name is never mentioned in either the JTHM or the SQUEE! comic as far as I've seen. I even looked through it when I saw your question about it. For irony you can always call her Christine Lmfao since she's a Christian XD So yeah, as far as I know, it's just Mrs. Diablo.

I liked how all three looked out the window to avoid answering LMFAO! nice one!

Yay! Johnny to the rescue... kinda! Lol. Keep up the awesome and hilarity! I look forward to your next chapter! _
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